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just changed.
Patched, but still allows you to do 900 damage early on
It's actually still decent if you stack up your armour super high with stuff like bone cage and fortify. Wish the cooldown hadn't been increased though.
I'm making a build with skin graft to reset it and its really effective man. My char is lone wolf so i can fully buff armor first turn, get in the middle and nuke tough enemies. Most of the times you don't need to cast it twice if you do things right. I have teleport so i stack them together, cast fortify, heart of steel, deflective barrier, bone cage armor and nuke away.
After most recent patch this seems to do 20.5% of your current physical armor in a small radius AoE. The range is not improved by far out man. Overall it's a decent grab on a Geo Sword and Board build for some physical AoE but it's not the brutal burst skill it used to be. Turn one Fortify->Deflective Barrier->Haste gets your started then if theres a corpse or two nearby you can Bone Cage and Reactive Armor bomb. Doesn't seem worth the setup unless you can hit a few enemies with it (which is hard because of the 3.1m range on the AoE)
If you're going into necro you can also use shackles of pain as the damage you take will then be reflected into the enemy too and you'll heal for a bit of the damage you do
If you are a traditional mage (no heavy armor, no shields) this spell will be useless simply because your physical armor (even with fortify) will be too low and the spell only scales with your armor (no intellect). Also the radius is very small.
Depends, if you make a wand and shield build, this could work wonders.
straight up bad
What? This is insanely good for sword and shield builds. I'm nuking people left and right with this spell, it's straight up broken. Make sure you have a good phys armor shield, fortify, heart of steel, bone cage armor and then nuke people. I'm level 14 and doing around 1.5k damage. I cleared really tought fights in 1 turn with this bbeast.
it's *****ing broken with high physical armor tanker plus shield crash. both can easily deal 1k+ damage
Damage seems to be 20% and not 25% in the editor. Only useful in highly buffed phys defensive characters that has not yet taken damage.
Its quite good on necro builds. The self inflicted damage works with shackles of pain, so its doubled and a good no sp burst spell. Also wirh bone cage you can get absurd amounts of armour.