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By Anonymous
Yet another example of why this game is so confusing. I just handed the letter to Lohar, and when I get back to Julian he keeps telling me to find evidence. Had I not read online guides I would go back to the dwarven base and run around hours looking for the item. Larian tries to give options but is really bad at ending the quests. Too many loose ends.
By Anonymous
Yea the quests are absolute nonsense without a walkthrough, and a game that requires so much reliance on walk-throughs isn't really a game, but rather a book / movie.
By Anonymous
Yea the quests in this game are absolute nonsense, it's impossible without a walk-through at all times to make sure when you move an inch you don't explode 40 quests you don't even know about yet. Games that require such reliance on a walk-through aren't really games, they are some sort of book / movie that you click buttons at.
By Anonymous
I mean... youre not supposed to complete both quests normally. You can either choose to side with Lohar and complete the work for him or you can choose to rat out Lohar to the magisters. Getting rewards for both is a lore-breaking exploit.
By Anonymous
You can avoid combat with the other patrons in the underrtavern if they dont see you are in combat. However keeping the 4-5 enemies in lohars room gets crowded.

The easiest way to do this is to teleport lohar to the area where dorotya gives you the spider kiss. (It seems you can teleport him multiple times without him becoming aggressive, but you can stand in the doorway and move lohar with one cast to that spot) then run down to him and initiate combat in dialogue or just attack for a preemptive strike to begin the fight. It will take his goons a few turns to reach you giving you enough time to dispatch lohar. Just continue to pass your turn and stay in that little space where you get the spider’s kiss. Kill the goons when they get to you.

If done right, none of the other patrons will have joined combat and after the fight, their icons on the minimap will become yellow again.
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