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What happened to all the 2020-2021 comments?
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DE edition and both the article and comments are wrong.

To max EXP, make sure that you have done 3 things before confronting Lohar:
(1) Investigate Mordus' house in Driftwood and give "Letter to Mordus" to Lohar, **BEFORE** you travel to Wrecker's Cave
(2) go to Fishery factory basement and discover Soulforge weapon
(3) get Queen's Letter AND Mordus' Amulet from Wrecker's Cave and carry both with you

When you confront Lohar, the game will limit your choices so that you can only finish "Shadow over Driftwood" first, and no matter which option you choose (blame him / agree to travel to Arx) you'll get the next quest, and conversation will end.

From here, you get 3 choices to finish "The Law of the Order"
(1) You talk to Lohar again, give letter to Lohar: quest ends immediately. You get no extra exp & few garbage rewards.
(2) You talk to Lohar again, show the letter to Lohar, but don't give it to him: you fight Lohar + 3 minions + 1 prisoner under interrogation, kill them all then talk to Magister Julian. You get extra 31000 exp (including killing everyone in the room) + level 9 legendary gear as reward.
(3) You talk to Magister Julian first, then talk to Lohar again: you fight Lohar + 1 minion, then talk to Magister Julian. You get extra 25000 exp (including killing Lohar + minion) + level 9 legendary gear as reward.

Fighting Lohar will ***NOT*** make the whole undertavern hostile to you, *IF* you can control the combat inside Lohar's room. Both option (2) and (3) mentioned above are the same. After you killed Lohar and his minions, everyone else will calm down and forget what just happened. All the conversations to NPC traders will *NOT* change, as if nothing had happened at all.

(1) If you go to Magister Julian first, the prisoner will be killed and two interrogators will move to Effie's shop, and you won't be able to fight them without mass massacre.
(2) Fishery factory basement does not have a standalone quest in DE, ver; finding Soulforge weapon will be marked as quest progress of this quest. Talking to Julian will NOT give you any option to reveal smuggled weapon, either.
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DE - refusing to give Lohar the letter turns the entire underground hostile, including Murge (who seems to have revived...), so third option doesn't work
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Yes they turn hostile, but as soon as you kill Lohar + Badelore, they turn to normal again.
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Murga doesn't die in the arena fight. After the fight, she can be found drinking in the undertavern
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The third option is still available; once all those hostile in the immediate vicinity are killed, the rest of the tavern returns to non-hostility, UNLESS you engage someone outside of Lohar's party.
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Where the hell are the magister barracks????
By Anonymous
right next to the tavern
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There is so much confusing, outdated and wrong info here its making my head hurt. So, here is a summary for both "Law of the Order" and "Shadows over Driftwood" on DE(!)
1. Make sure you have "Letter from the Dwarven Queen" and "Letter to Mordus"
2. Go to Lohar, and hand in the "Letter to Mordus" (2000XP)
3. Confirm you have killed Mordus and hand over Mordus' amulet (2800XP)
4. Exhaust all dialog options about Deathfog and Source teachers. DO NOT give him the Letter from the Dwarven Queen
5. Head over to Magister Julian but leave one of your characters in the room with Lohar to prevent the guards to wander of. Hand over the Letter from the Dwarven Queen to Julian. He will ask for Lohar's head.
6. Go back to Lohar. If you have Beast in your group unchain him and leave him somewhere out of sight.
7. Lohar will automatically give you a dialog option to start a fight with him "I know you betrayed me yaddah yaddah...)
8. Kill Lohar and his guards. (8000XP from 3 guards and 1 prisoner; 5000XP for finishing Lohar) Make sure that no aggressive action happens outside the room (i.e. do not range attack the guard at the door). The rest of Undertavern will turn hostile but will not engage as long as all the action happens inside Lohar's room. (Note: There is a comment somewhere that states that killing Lohar yields 5000 + 6000 XP but I have never been able to replicate the additional 6000XP)
9. Get Lohar's head. And don't forget there is a safe behind the painting with more loot.
10. If you have not done so already, make sure you have the quest "Fishy Business" and have found the source weapons in the basement of the fishery.
11. Back to Julian. Do not mention the smuggled source weapons and just hand in Lohar's head (12000XP). If you haven't found the source weapons yet or mentioned the source weapons to Julian you will only get 9000XP at this point.
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This is perfect. Worked like a charm
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Best comment. Made my day.
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You can also kill Lohar with trap skills without talking to him. This way the Undertavern NPCs won't turn hostile.
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By Cyhyraeth
There is a way to avoid first bug by initiating conversations with Lohar and Julian (preferably by Beast) at the same time - it prevents Lohar from being hostile and taking the letter.
Just speak to him one more time after you get the quest from Julian, kill him, speak to Julian (Beast again, he is already there), get all rewards and XP.

Quick and clean.

All in Undertavern turn hostile, but they're OK after you kill Lohar and his henchmen.
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also if you have beast in your party and you are confident enough to take on 4 vs 3 you can put beast outside of the cave and you wont get dialogue for him to leave you can just kill lohar and add him back in your party
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You can exhaust all options with the Queen's Letter by first giving Mordus' amulet to Lohar (don't choose the option to show him the letter) and receive your reward. At this point, have your teammates talk to the two guards by Marla so they won't leave the area if you want to fight them along with Lohar for the extra experience. Then give the Queen's letter to Magister Julian and buy it back from him. Head back to Lohar and give him the letter for a reward. Then choose the option to fight and you can bring back his head to Magister Julian (unless you have Beast in your party).
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