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does this work only once per turn ?
Yes, so take pawn for your ranger instead because the guaranteed free move is better
*****ing stupid description of this talent!
Since release, this does appear to work only once per turn.
it worked several times in 1 turn, but after patch or what it startet to work only once
i see a lot of people over look this talent and i understand why. it means whoever is using it normally should be your last hitter...it is INSANELY nice on people who go last in your party or people with huge damage per turn such as rogues. or mages. or even just a two hander build. archers benefit quite well from this as well but not often enough for me to say its amazing for them.
Archers when they find it high can destroy their adverbs with the "Ballistic Shot". This allows them to fully enjoy the executioner talent. Sry for my english :)
whats the song that plays when this is triggered?
to get this skill or the Pawn for free(they remain mutually exclusive still, can't have both), start with inquisitor or rogue preset on any character/race next remove the pre-req skill warfare for executioner and scoundrel for the pawn. Next, select a talent start game and boom done easy peasy.
If you did not start with the warfare or scoundrel skill, can you still get this? I am around level 9 and figured I wanted to use this, cause as a ranger I mostly make the final hit..
Yes you can, you just need to spec into warfare. Besides, Warfare is good for archers too, or anyone who does physical damage for that matter.
Does anyone know if you're able to learn this talent if the Warfare level requirement if fulfilled by equipment bonuses? If it is possible, does this mean you lose it whenever you take off that particular piece of equipment?
I have belt that gives me warfare and I still can't take the talent (I even put an additional ring have 2 warfare, still doesn't work), it seems you must put the point in your self to access the talent.