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For DE, 7725 XP for burning leg + 5800 XP after speaking to spirit of Vilnx Creeva
i fed his remains to the weaver lmaoo
Me too! :D
So I did this quest a little while ago and I burned the remains in the Eternal Fire but the quest wont close. I don't believe I used Spirit Vision first which is probably what did me in. However, my journal even says that I burned the remains so I know I did that part properly. It also says I now have to return to Vilnx Creeva. I tried using Spirit Vision at Creeva's grave after the fact but he doesn't show up.

Is there any way around this or did I royally screw this up and just have to move on?
I have the same problem! I guess the quest gets bugged if you don't follow each step.
Vilnx Creeva appears again in abandoned samwill (Lone Wolves's camp)
I had the same bug that a lot of people are seeing, where if you didn't use spirit vision and talk to the lizard before burning his remains, then the quest won't complete. If I go to the quest in the journal and click the "on map" button, it gives me a dialogue box titled "Warning" with the message that "this flag is in another area. You can't see it yet"
Anyone else have the gluttonous habit of eating remains way too fast to complete a quest like this or just me lol