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If you dig em up and eat them, He will curse you. Cured by bless.
anyone know the exact reward of this quest?
Some gold, an empty canister, and a choice of a white weapon of a certain type. Worth it for the gold and gold it will take to trade the weapon in.
I threw his leg in the fire and then consumed his spirit when he came and gave me my reward; I don't know if that affecting things , but It was very lame some gold, 3 ordinary items
I re-did it without consuming his spirit and I got the same lame reward : 124 gold, sovereign orb, and a choice of 1 of 3 lame items, the most expensive of which was a stone wand worth 580 gold
Eating it gives poison wave - you can also cure disease via the herbalist
where is the herbalist?


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Get the lizard leg, throw(drop from inventory) it in the huge fire in the graveyard and he will appear behind you granting you 7725xp and some*****ty rewards.
I throw the leg into the fire and nothing happens. Any suggestions besides eating it?
Throw it around in the fire, preferably with telekinesis. It will trigger the quest ending at some point.
i threw it into the fire, nothing happened. Then i threw it ONTO the burning chest, and it triggered the quest :)
You can convince the chest to open up (as a lizard) If you got high enough persuation
You can also convince the chest with Fane using his Mask and turning him into a lizard.
Kinda lame the reward for this was basically vendor trash (common items)
Simple quest: Basic reward
If you eat the remains, you'll learn the password to open the nearby chest in the flames.
Be careful not to feed the remains to the spider in Ryker's house! I did that and now can't complete this quest
Did not know that was even an option. How did that option come up? Spider just attacked me after a brief chat.
Same. Woops!
Nice spoiler, cocksucker.