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By Anonymous
I know who you are. I know the weakness of your heart!
By Anonymous
Weird stuff happened. Trying to do the quick save and reload doesn't work.
10 min later, when I'm fighting near the Black Ring gang, the reward screen just appears out of nowhere.
Thanks, I guess?
By Anonymous
Item reward bug fix: after doing the killing blow, quick save & reload that same save.
you can now get your item rewards
By Anonymous
Saved my life, I went to talk to the ghost after killing and was worried but i didnt exit the crypt before quick saving and reload and can confirm it worked.
By Anonymous
DE: 36100 for killing her
21675 complete the mission
I went to the spirit after that and it just disappeared, it didn't give me any reward
By Anonymous
Same goes for me, I didn't receive any loots, regardless of which character I used :/ Tried a few times too
By Anonymous
I killed her, multiple times, with both the character that passed the persuasion check, the one that didn't, tried quitting, reloading, jumping three times on my left feet. No rewards, only the EXP and some crappy loot from the body.