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Tried to convince the priest to open the door with 51 intel, didnt work.. and I turned away the source vampirism skill -_- gg
It is more dependent on your persuasion (in civil abilities) than it is on the stat you are using...
It worked form me with 31 strength and 5 persuasion.
i get source vampirism skill from evil Lohse while doing source power up quest line & going to hall of echoes with smoke ritual. i dont know if you can skip source vampirism skill with other origin stories but you can progress in Powerful awakening questline a bit more & find out for yourself if you can get ability this way. hope this will help.
To convince priest promise him to not talk with demon.
That screenshot doesnt seem right...
tried the WITS option (wont speak with the demon) with 69 wits and it didnt work, basically i have 3 options and none of them works all 50+ stats
Those stats don't mean anything without the persuasion stats
Any way to remove the demon and save the godwoken or is killing her the only option?
just a hint for every answering choice (no matter the npc)...you can always use the damn mirror in the ship to reset your skills...most talking options won't work with high stats alone...i get most of them done with like 20-25 in each stat BUT 5 persuasion (or whatever my max is at the moment of need)...

> just put one of these pyramids (2 of 4 are found on the ship) on the ground where it is needed
>leave the other one in your inventory
>tp back to ship with the char you want to use, reskill to persuasion
> tp to a random waypoint and than use the pyramid again from inventory to get back to the place you where (it doesn't work from the ship)
> pick up the pyramid on the floor and talk to the npc you want to persuade
> reset the persuade again if you don't want to keep it / otherwise your done

Greets Rising
Yeah, that's the hard way of doing it. You can teleport to a pyramid in another character's inventory. That's why there are four pyramids. Teleport to ship, reskill, teleport to wherever, teleport back to group, done. No need to put the pyramid down.
Ummmmm..... I Somehow..... Someway..... Teleported the Girl to the Lady Vengance and saved her...... Anyone? Help?
how did this happen
is the result same when I set her free? I just refuged her request and attacked her when chained. So.. it was too easy. there was no fight and I got 30,000XP + 20,000XP(maybe killing xp and quest xp, i guess)
yep. this is what the warden asks of you - kill her but do not talk or set her free. given the very difficult persuasion check, I think this is intended, i.e. you are able to resist her.
From what i know,Larian made some changes in one of the patches and XP recived for Reapers Cost quests is a bit lower than it was


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Polymorphskill Chicken Claw made this fight fairly trivial, as the demon cant possess anyone for the duration of it. Chicken claw + rupture tendons made the fight somewhat comical.

1. Make sure you try to fix the lever with the character that has it in its bags, or you wont get in.
2. Destroy pillars and delete the dwarf, cast living on the edge to make sure he doesnt die, and make sure you heal the dwarf after the demon is out.
3. Get rid of the physical armor, cast chicken claw and rupture tendons.
4. Watch as the demon runs away and kills it self, while rejoicing from the pain (!).

this isnt even the same quest your talking about