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Staff of Magus definitely does not do physical damage.
Yeah it is supposed to deal the same type of damage as the staff.
Equip it and attack furniture/doors within reach.

Mind blown...
Why does two wands not have there own skill, seems kinda lame too me
For real! Dual wands are awesome. One-handed doesn't even have its own skill.
Yeah, Two wands should have a special skill, But one-handed doesn't need it, One handed is usually with a shield, so you have shields up. Having something else wouldn't be fair.
Maybe you are right but do we really need it? I didnt find Flurry or All-In useful in whole playthrough, in Staff of the Magus its fine cause its give you ranged attack while your basic is melee.


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Flesh Sacrifice is the most useful non-SP one there, along with Doom of protection
Flesh Sacrifice is only good in early game, later you are getting destroyed by this -7 or so CON debuff(and also took off your shield if you dont pass required value) while having only around 10 base for example. I agree with Doom of protection being great, also I think Dragon Blaze is very good for Pyro mages while Encourage is decent at every level of the game.
agreed. i just made a Sebille build using here as a ranger with elemental arrows (bonus physical from the blood flesh sacrifice generates) combined with Adrenalin for 2 more first strike AP *and* executioner perk, if you aren't killing someone in 6 AP with blood arrows on *the* DPS class you playing on super high difficulty. generally she kills no less than 2 enemies in her first turn, with 3 other party members to mop up.
there are some skills like the exploding corpses skill
cat familiar is missing
its at summoning skills.