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By Anonymous
Is the Advocate a bad person? He says the tree is truly sacred & he's trying to heal it. On the other hand, Jahan says his master's an arch demon.
By Anonymous
Demons are liars and deceivers. Jahan says it himself. They'll say anything to gain your trust, to make you sympathise with them.
By Anonymous
Falling for demon lies my friend
By Anonymous
I'm sure he's not a bad person, even though he's living on an island filled with corpses and guts on the floor, he's just misunderstood
By Anonymous
If two of your party have the teleport skill, you can teleport them between the bridge poles without paying and without using spirit vision
By Anonymous
If you killed the Advocate, some strong enemies will appear for revenge in Arx (act 4).
They are strong but good for more XP.
By Anonymous
I teleported the Undead Black Ring Destroyer to advocate to be taken caren of - not a good idea: the black ring summoner did raise him and after the fight at the tree I returned to where the advocate was, down at the table, and the Undead Black Ring Destroyer was standing around with his*****in his pants whilst everyone was ignoring him. As soon as I approached, the Destroyer aggro'd me, every single demon ran to the next wall, trembling, I'm like what the actual *****, Archdemon and the Agony Mistress or what the ***** she's called just ran off like kids or townsfolk, was a bit comical, anyway the point it became ridiculous is when I used the water - shock combo to keep him stunned, meanwhile a possessed dog just wandered around the place and eventually - AI fail - walked right into my electrified blood, and guess what happened? Suddenly every *****ing demon is in the fight against me. :/ Have to redo the last 2 hours
tl;dr: do NOT teleport the Undead Black Ring Destroyer toward the Advocate and co. !
By Anonymous
You could give one of the demons some items through trade (around 800 gold of worth) and hit 50 points of attitude, then they will join you in fight.
By Anonymous
For the wager with the wishmaster basatan, bet against malady.
By Anonymous
What is the outcome of the bet?
By Anonymous
I had asked the question in the previous reply. I can confirm that betting against Malady results in winning the wager.
By Anonymous
if you pass persuasion test about his master Void will attack (guess the master is not happy about your curiosity)
By Mortiel
A word to the wise: If the Advocate dies by any means, you will be ambushed by a particularly strong group of Nemesis demons in Act 4 (Arx - near the Black House) as part of the Doctor's Orders quest.
By Anonymous
After you kill the Advocate, make sure to clear the island of his remaining minions. There are 3 by the gate at the broken bridge who might've greeted you when you arrived on the isle. Then there's the Mabldq the Stalker (a possessed dog) or whatever on the beach.
By Anonymous
Jahan's part of the quest is bugged for me in this playthrough (my third playthrough)...he doesn't ask what the demon's name is. Doesn't even give me a skill book! I guess I'll find him a prisoner in the Doctors basement when I reach Arx?
By Anonymous
Regarding him being evil or not, well I just judged him based on his followers. He himself is wellspoken enough but his followers seem to be a bunch of insane demon cannibals who looked upon us more as morsels to be ripped apart rather than anything else. Needless to say, I took pleasure in quickly massacring all I was able to find of them on the Island. And in DOS1 Jahan, although often difficult in his approaches, was a party member. I also just like the guy and demon hunters in general tend to be badasses. So yeah, a favor for old friends.