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By Anonymous
These miserable wretches have no idea how value works. A source point capacity is worth anywhere between 300k-500k gold points, and you're trying to replace that with shiny colored toilet paper? I'll obliterate you just for insulting me.

They should have added unique skill books or rewards to all of these "mAsTeRs", just like for Jahan.
By Anonymous
Jahan gives you a unique and powerful skill unobtainable by regular means
And the advocate doesn't strike me as an honorable man (he serves evil forces)
By Anonymous
Basatan and advocate drops vendor gold if you pickpocket them first
By Anonymous
Can confirm, picked up a divine item, bunch of other rares and around 44,000 gold total. Pickpocketed Basatan and only needed to trade with The Advocate.
By Anonymous
i want mcnuggets
By Anonymous
I've played through the game many times and it's only happened once but has anyone else gotten the Advocate to instantly attack after the battle with the black ring ? He just teleports in the instant the last one dies and the battle continues with the Advocate and his goons as your enemies. No break or anything, counts as though they just entered the fight normally for turn orders so if your dudes had already spent their turns they don't get new ones.
By Anonymous
yeah happened to me, but he killed 1 member of the party and then everything was business as usual. it was weird
By Anonymous
Happened to me 3 times in a row, I was fighting from atop to tree to get high ground bonus. It didn't happen when none of my guys was near the tree at the end of fight.
I can only speculate that he aggro if some of your guys is too close to the tree.
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By DezZzO
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Bone Smashers can be infinitely killed for 7225 XP per each kill. Get into the fight, wait for enemies to summon 1 or 2, kill Smashers - leave the combat. IIRC this is the only infinite experience source in DoS 2, might be wrong.
Killed them like 10 times just to be sure, but for whatever reason one time I didn't get experience for killing a Smasher, no idea why because I kept getting XP for further kills.
By Anonymous
Bone smasher golems only gave me 7225 XP, 14450XP for both on Tactician.
By Anonymous
My fight on tactician DE, the undead black ring destroyer was there and granted XP but only one bone crusher got summoned (I waited couple of turn before killing any of them to make sure they don't spawn) so killed only one bone crusher + 4 black ring + destroyer
By Anonymous
On my tactician DE Black ring destroyer also granted XP, but I also got the normal 2 bone crushers show up
By Anonymous
The advocate sells a random unique item.
You can re-roll the item by saving and loading to before you enter the gate.
I've seen a spear/shield/crossbow.
(Did not test further because I wanted the crossbow.)