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While the Voidwoken appear you can use the chaos to kill the Advocate. Having 3 factions in the fight will give you a lot more room and time to kill him and his companions if you wish you kill him early.
In my game the demon appeared as i killed the last cultist and was still in combat. He sad something like - "the destractions are gone kill the rest" and attacked. the quest remains uncomplete.
If you stand to close to the tree then the Advocate aggros immediately, so make sure to finish the fight with the black rings not standing to close.
Not for me, I ran circles around the tree as close as possible to it, and I had to force attack the Advocate eventually.
Mh so we only noticed a lot later that he wasnt meant to attack us immediatly, so now we dont have a save going before the fight.
(We are currently stuck at driftwood) So can we even proceed further in the game without knowing the nameless islands location?


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Yep. Gotta find alternative directions though.


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Kill the Advocate outright, quest will never close.
Choose to kill the Advocate in dialogue, quest will never close.
Advocate dies pre-close of the quest, quest will never close.

You have been warned!
So for me, the advocate gave me the quest, I killed the black ring members and then it immediately started combat with advocate after.
If you flee combat and return, you can pay the advocate a few thousand as a "gift" which raises his attitude with you and you can receive the nameless isle and finish the quest. GL, fleeing combat from those **** is hard.

Gotta say, I never googled quests/problems in games normally but this game just doesn't seem stable and questlines have constantly broken throughout my play through =<
Your lucky you even got to complete it. The moment I killed the blackring members the advocate teleported in and went completely hostile. I thought it was part of the story since I never accepted his quest to begin with, but after reading through forums I discovered that it's a bug. Now I'm too far back to even load a save from the time I fought him. It sucks. :(
You can just move the corpse of Black Ring Destroyer faraway. Then leave it theree and engage with the other 4. The Destroyer will resurrect but won't get into the fight and will just stand there. After kill 4 wizards the fight close and Advocate will not appear until you kill the Destroyer (the last one). So you can speak to the tree, prepare the battlefield, do other stuff. Then just kill Destroyer in the outside. Advocate then will appear near the tree and you can choose to talk to him to close the quest. Then attack him and finish Lohse's quest as well
The Advocate attacked me right away after the Black Ring combat, but I believe it was because I've used Battle Stomp to finish off the last enemy. Reloaded and killed the last one quietly - the Advocate engaged me in dialogue.
Just took my sweet time teleporting the Undead Destroyer all the way back to the Advocate before the fight. That didn`t trigger the battle with the Black Ring and I`m hoping it makes it considerably easier.
You can teleport him just off the steps, away from the black ring guys, then use a face ripper on the body to destroy it.