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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

There are also Fire Clouds (left by certain skills only), and Cursed Water (exactly like cursed blood, dropped by fish-based-voidlings when hit).

Also it's unclear to me what turns fire into necrofire. It seems like casting any necro-spell or having any necro-summon touch the fire can be enough to convert it, but is inconsistent when I try to recreate it.



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does anyone know how to make poison clouds?
Cursed surfaces are created by certain spells(I dont know any spell that creates a cursed surface that a player can use) or using the spell "curse" on a surface or someone on the surface. To obtain the spell "curse" you have to be sworn. To be sworn you have to be undead and in the academy on the nameless isle. Those who are sworn will lose the spell "bless". Poison clouds are made with the spell "poison wave".
There is also Cursed Poison. Which applies acid and poison status and is blocked by magic armor.
Fire can be made into blessed fire providing immunity to fire and healing
I like the idea of environmental effect however in the current state of the game the effects are too inconsistent: Ex. Sometimes you can hit a water surface with lightning several times in a row, without anything happening. When it (finally) creates a static effects it might not even last more than one milisec. At other times a static surface seems to persist several rounds before disappearing
Electrified water/blood is like any other damage over time surface, except that if a character with no magic armour left steps in it, it will immediately apply shocked to that character, and then become normal water/blood again. Think of it like the charge leaving the surface and going into the character. If all characters in it have magic armour left that are standing in the surface, or are already stunned, the surface will persist until it runs out naturally.
Cursed ice freezes you despite your magic armor...
Fire makes STEAM clouds when extinguished, not SMOKE clouds. 2 very different things.
You get SMOKE clouds when the Fire times out.
Does a surface effect created by an ally affect me? Example: an NPC ally creates a fire surface that burns a foe. I, however just attacked the foe beforehand and am standing beside it. I am in the burn surface now. Do I also take damage?
If you are on/in a surface/cloud, you are always affected by it, friend or foe
The game has full friendly fire, surfaces or otherwise. Even AoE spells will hit your team members if you aim like*****.
Bit late but the skill descriptions differentiate between enemies and characters. If it says enemies then no, if it says characters then yes


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Can you have more than more damage status? Bleeding and Burning? Acid and Poison? All four?


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More than one....
You can have all statuses at the same time but not burning and necrofire or a status that makes you imune to some status and that status that you are imune to.
I am playing DOS2:DE right now, and while the tooltip for holding your cursor over blessed fire still says that it applies heal, the actual buff does not. I appears to have been changed. This page should be updated accordingly.
This is wholly false. It still applies holy fire, and heals when you move, just as it always has. Note that jt NEVER healed by just standing in it. Like all elemental tiles, you have to move around in it.