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"On the northeast corner of Nameless Island is the Drowned Temple, to enter it, you need to kill the Black Ring Portalmaster in a nearby camp."

I killed him, nothing happened. :(
If you killed him then the portal should have just stopped on its own.
Did you figure this out? I killed the portal master but cont figure out how to enter..
same here. killed him but the water still won't recede. anyone can help on this?
and to make it worse, journal is closed "water ought to recede now" whereas nothing happen
I had bug where I talked them out of it, they left and the water did not recede.
The temple is in the northwest, not in the northeast of the Island
If you saved the Black rings on the second island in the black pits, you don't need to fight. You actually can just talk your way out of it.
When the altar curses you, you can cast bless to remove the curse.
To open the Armory gate you can also use the key (no STR needed), which can be found on a dead body (behind the waterfall straight north of the entrance, x311/y432). Use teleport to get there.
50.000exp for persuading the Black Ring soldiers into leaving the temple... I would probably get 20-40k per kill + some loot if I just choose the violent way :/ feels kinda bad that I'm missing out on alot of XP for avoiding blood shed around the island. Makes me wanna go berserk and kill all the mofos I tricked into being on their side.
that's exactly what I did. Enjoyed every last bit of it.
No more exp in the Definitive Edition. :(
I get nothing but silence from the altar. What quest am I missing?
"The altar sits before you, defiantly silent.", then nothing.
I've seen videos where people get the "..makes this feel more like a crypt than an altar" (or something similar), but I don't get that, nor do I get cursed or any XP.
I've done the whole rest of the temple (opened the armory, talked to spirits, etc). What am I missing?
I'm having the same issue. I don't even have the quest in my log even though I killed the portal master and explored the temple. I'm pretty sure if you don't go fight those two dudes before you kill the portal master the quest doesn't trigger so you can't interact with the alter. Another quest bugged. Woopie.
I think you just have to go kill Alexander and place his head on the altar.
If you sided with the Black Rings, you have to persuade the black ring captain to stop, not the portalmaster.
What do I need to do to pray at the altar? All I get is "The altar sits before you, defiantly silent.", then nothing.