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How do we kill the mother tree?
Im wondering the same thing.
Accepted to become next mother tree.
Shaheila told me it wasnt too late to kill tree.
Went back, killed scion. Cant kill tree...
Yeah..having the same problem. Nothing i do hurts the tree...you guys find any solution?
what i also want to know i can interact with the heart but cant do anything other than turn away
After Sahelia go back to tree, attack and kill scion and all enemies, when fight finished you be able to interact with heart as Sebille and destroy it. Still didnt got this achievement and mother tree quest remain active.
Also, I killed Shadow Prince before found elven camp, so when scion told me to kill shadow prince - nothing happened, i cant finish this quest
Did anyone ever find a way to actually kill the tree? Lol
Where is the teleport flower I have searched the entire tree and found nothing, really f**ki9ng have Larians where's waldo approach to quests!!
All you have to do is use the ability that allows you to see spirits
Where's Waldo approach? I haven't had issue finding a single side quest thing. I don't think Larian is the issue here...
It’s smack in the middle of the platform. It’t not where’s Waldo, it’s just that you seen to be blind.
Ok here is how I killed the mother tree without helping The Shadow Prince. Useful if you have to kill him because of Sebille. The rest of the elves at the area will become hostile when you do this, however, so make sure to check all the items from the merchants to see if you want to buy anything before you fight everybody.

1. Go to the room where the mother tree is at.
2. The scion will give you the quest to kill The Shadow Prince.
3. When you leave the room Saheila will ask you to kill the mother tree. Do NOT walk away from her or she will attack your party.
4. Instead travel via waypoint to reach The Shadow Prince, then kill him.
5. Bring his heart to the scion, and then have Sebille refuse to kill the mother tree. The scion will attack the party. Defeat them.
6. Interact with the mother tree, and have Sebille kill it.
7. Go outside and interact with Saheila. She will thank you and the quest will be finished.
Forgot to mention that when returning from after killing The Shadow Prince, you have to immediately go back into the mother tree room and ignore Saheila because if you linger too long she will attack you before you can turn in the heart to the scion.
Spoiler ahead: Saheila will give you the quest whether she's alive or dead - she'll be in her new treelike form if you killed her in the previous chapter.
My Sebille ate the heart of The Shadow Prince, just after defeating him. When meeting the Mother Tree, there was the dialog option that she ate it. I led Sebille refuse to take root, the Tree guardians became hostile, after defeating once outside Saheila was there with the quest to kill the Mother Tree.


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Spoiler ahead: If you kill the Shadow Prince and cast spirit vision you can talk to him and he says "The tree must die, he fears the tree" so if you draw any conclusions it would probably be that the Shadow Prince is actually another agent of the God King... made me feel like I made the right decision.
Except there's no proof that he's referring to the God King and you are just assuming that to make you feel better about your choice. "He" could be anybody.
Except there's no proof that he's referring to the God King. You are just assuming that to make you feel better about your choice. "He" could be anybody.

He never said he had proof. He said it was probably the God king, as there aren't really any other entities in the game that could have the power to hold sway over mortal beings. Its pretty absurd to think that its just as likely that he is talking about Joe the baker


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I think he is an agent of the God King.

After you defeat the Sallow Man, in the treasury room, there's a few books and letters. One of them is called "Intercepted Missive". It is a letter addressed to someone, which I assume is either Sallow Man, the God King, or both (as it starts with Esteemed Ones), informing them that the houses of the lizard empire will soon war with each other, signed by the Prince of Shadows.
Except there's no proof that he's referring to the God King. You are just assuming that to make you feel better about your choice. "He" could be anybody.


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It is pretty spelled out to you not that long after LOL
There is a third option if you chose Sebille as your play character:
You can kill both the Shadow Prince and the Elven Scion / Mother Tree for max XP. The instead of using deathfog / etc you are given a dialogue option to kill the mother tree with source powers.

My run through: Killed Shadow Prince + Henchmen for 250k xp, go talk to elven scion and reject the option to become the mother tree, fight scion and dryads for 250k xp, leave + talk to Saheila, dialogue option to kill the Mother tree for 20k xp. Total 520k if you are Sebille.

Also, monks + temple dwellers are agro upon leaving to at least another 300k xp for 820k xp total.
On 2nd playthru my test with my party: Me - Lohse - Beast - Fane for maximum exp gain.
1. Accept quest from both Mother Tree and Shadow Prince
2. Place deathfog boom then massacre the whole temple of Tir-Cendelius
3. Return to Shadow Prince them finish him and minions for more than 240k exp( if you turn the quest you only receive 50k exp and even if you kill him after that he only worth 40k)
I do like that and my level up to lvl 19/ 3%, if turn the quest i only get to lvl 18/ 96%, note that the newest patch already nerf some exp gain as you can see.
The only downside that the quest won't close but ehh, i don't care, the items reward are not worth it and exp for life!