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Calm down keyboard warrior.
That skill is extremely useful! It can destroy magic armor out of stealth, and if your group is heavy on that damage you can even CC people without having to butcher yourself through the physical armour. It also has a nice range.
to me it makes more sense than a magic armor could protect you from sleeping rather than a physical armor ... And as said before, this skill is extremly usefull on my battlemage since he is backed up by 3 mages ...
This is a really good skill for hybrid characters. I use it on marksman geomancer (fin and int) build to remove melee opponents with sleep
Finesse Skill. Is there anywhere to see if skill is finesse or intelligence? Just started playing.
I find this skill insanely useful for preparing targets for my magic casters. This destroys soooo much magic armor for only 1AP it's great to use if my rogue has a spare AP to use right before my magic casters turn.
Not that much armor, about 3000 with 80 or so finess lv22 character, while bosses has 10000-20000+ armor, rogue can't destroy all magic armor without using this skill plus gag order twice. Unlike most magic, it can't damage health. Not bad in early stage as it can save your ***(many enemies don't have magic armor) from time to time, not very useful in the late game.Probably should double the damage.
This is the Mage version of Battle Stomp. a Must-have CC for Magic characters.
Scales with weapon type. not finese. i'll let it slide with all the abilities which require a dagger. but really not fact checking?
This information is false, I don't know if there was a bug or something back in August when this comment was posted. Chloroform will always scale off finesse no matter what type of weapon you use.
also great for rangers using charmed/elemental arrows
Fantastic spell for mixed damage party. Both this and gag order are great because most magic damage spells do less because of elemental resistances which these spells don't suffer from. Good way to chunk down Magic Armour of those enemies with high resistances so your mages can CC them.
Yep and its perfect for your archer/ranger who wants to CC or is going the elemental arrowheads/elemental ranger build.Gag order is situational though and for rogues only because of the short range and requiring a dagger.
CC = Crowd Control, ie knock down or frozen.