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I killed him and reported to Farimah but the quest didnt close.
"bugs" i have with certain other quests too - u did all and u cant complete it... its rly annoying
Yup same here finished but didn't close. So many quests are bugged :S
Yep, same for me.
anotoher bugged quest that doenst close
I had the same issue with the quest not closing after informing her that Ryker was dead. After you do this, just kill the Gravekeeper to close it.
Unfortunately, the quest won't close until you kill farimah... at least she gives 7k xp.
This is how u close all quests in this game.
"Both of them can be found in Driftwood Square next to the Town crier after they transform back into their human forms." just wondering - is that vetted? this isn't my experience.
I've gone through every option of the dialogue tree but can't seem to get this quest to start. What options did you pick to get it?
Same for me, cannot even get the quest started.
Same for me.
To trigger the quest, you have to talk to Farimah before your encounter with Riker.