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Any point in raising it over 1? One point seems enough to do all you need of it so far.
Higher requirements to ID items later in the game.
lol, 1 point is low level items, loremaster 5 is high level items, like legendary weapons at level 15+
And while vendors can ID items for you, sometimes you find an awesome weapon that you won't be able to use until you get back to a town. With high loremaster, you can ID and use it as soon as you find it.
and that's worth a whopping FIVE points of a civil ability? In a not Lone Wolf game, maybe, but in LW, you can't afford that at all. Thievery would get you way more items. Lucky Charm would too. Stinks not being able to use it right away, but having the capability of getting those items more often is more important IMO. 1 point gets you resistance/immunity info which is by far the most important thing Loremaster will give you. For the purpose of IDing items, merchants can do that so it's definitely not worth the 16 levels worth of point investments.
Ennemy examination:

- Level
- Vitality
- Physical Armour
- Magic Armour
- Kindness towards you
- Talent

- LVL0 +
- Attributes (force, int, ...)

- LVL1 +
- Dammage details

Dammage: 8-9
AP cost: 2
From weapon 3-4
From sec weapon 3-4
Malus 2 weapons: -50%
From character: +50%
lvl 3:
Adds enemy immunities.
lvl 4:
Lets you see the person's attitude towards you when examining them.
Their chance to block and evade your attacks
Your chance to hit them
Where do you get an identifying glass?
you can loot some in chest/crates, maybe from monsters,also some merchant will sell it
Fane somehow ends up giving me my identifying glasses back whenever I try to identify something, which is really neat.
Always keep a Fane on handy!
Those aren't one use. They are like shovels, not lock picks.
Worth noting that many vendors will identify items for you (bottom right by repair button), in case you do not have a character with high enough loremaster.
loremaster give two uses : identify items (you are right about vendors) AND identify ennemy stats like immunity, damage, dodge, accuracy etc which can be useful for any character specialized into crowd control
Yes, and when playing on Tactician, knowing your enemies weaknesses and strengths can be the difference between death and victory. I remember on my first playthrough, trying to petrify an enemy who was immune to it. It cost me the fight.
Not going to bother respeccing myself to see what every level does; but every level also gives the examine enemy page more info. Going from 4 to 5 let me see enemy action points and see how many they would get per turn and such.
Identifying Glass is not consumed on Identify. Elemental resistances is shown at Lore 1 not Lore 2. Attributes shown at Lore 1 also include skills (Huntsman, Pyrokinetic, etc.) and Defence (Leadership, etc.) Lore 3 adds: Immunities, Chance to block Lore 4 adds: Chance to hit you Lore 5 adds: Maximum AP, Start AP, Turn AP, Initiative