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After all three altars quest still is active. Is there anything else to do? It get cancelled when leaving Reapers Coast.
A lot of quests seem to do that in DOS2, they have no steps afterwards but stay open until map change. Larian needs to do better with these things, it is very confusing.


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I hear they should be releasing a update soon to fix quests.
there is probably an hidden step. I have all the three altars and when I live it says that I cannot know more now. It's a great game I love the fact it doesn't hold your hands and you will have a lot of secrets to come (I'm still convinced you can have a pet phoenix using the idol the heart and the egg)
I've been to the 3 altars however the quest doesn't close. Ideas?
Go to the Driftwood fields and talk to the Scarecrow on the lower path to Paladin waypoint.
What if you've already killed the scarecrow?
After you speak to the 3 altars go talk tot he restless scarecrow in the field around X413 Y200
What is this supposed to accomplish? I see no new dialog options with the scarecrows after praying to all alters.
if i kill already scarecrows ? quest failed?
No, I did 3 altars, spoke to the scarecrow, killed it and quest didnt update. They arent related.
One is west of the Cloisterwood Waypoint.
One is to the East of the Driftwood - Fields Waypoint
One is Across the river, and north, of the Paladin Bridgehead Waypoint.
There is more to the quest for sure. I visited all three altars but I couldn't figure out what to do so I just went ahead to the nameless isle. The journal closes the quest as says, "I set sail from Reaper's Coast. I will learn no more about the altar voice, it seems."

So If anyone manages to figure the rest please post here.
I had killed the scarecrows before the altars, sadly the mission gets stuck this way.
What a dumb suggestion to go for scarecrow? The scarecrow has nothing to do with 3 altars.
what does the scarecrow say after you`ve been to the altars?