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You have to speak once with the Strongbox "yes, speak with the strongbox", it will unlock a new conversation with the sleeping man; Pretend to be his mother and he will speak the magic word "the word"
hmm, i don't know, but i think i broke that quest.
I opened the chest via lockpick and never had the chance to tell him that i'm his mother afterwards.
Also the chest never spoke to me.
Is there some way how i can fix this?
Think I bugged the quest by picking the lock on the chest before interacting with it
same. i just set it to inactive and forgot about it.

just another broken journal entry out of dozens in the game lol
Hey, i did the same thing. It was bothering me though about how it was still in my log book, so I tried destroying the chest to see what would happen. Happily it marked that in my book and moved the quest to closed status!

I also killed the guy for the fun of it, seeing as how you can talk to his ghost after (he's still sleeping apparently)
If you try to use password, it only gives you some low-value items. Attack it, and you will get those items plus some blue equipment.
funny thing if you have a villain perk you can kill him with a pillow and talk to his spirit, but there is nothing new to the quest
perks ...
If you lockpicked the chest before interacting with it, only way to close quest is to destroy it.
I lock picked the chest.....
I absolutely love how the chest has its own personality. The more you guess, the more it insults you. Genius!
If you speak to the chest with Lohse or any character who have the jester tag, you make a joke and open the chest without needing to know the password.
1. speak with the man 2. speak with the chest kick - try to lever - rattle the lock - give up and all of your team will get 4.000 exp 3. speak with the chest again - swear at - wonder aloud - try all 4. speak with the man 5. speak the "word" the rewards is suck btw