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There is a leaver right after the treasure room. Does anyone know what it does?
It opens the blue gate right ahead
I believe you are referring to the level that opens the portal/gate to let you go through. Once entering the area, the idea is to walk on the invisible paths.
I did all the points except 4. The statue never asked me any questions. Is there some way I can activate it?
you need the Wits attribute on 15 when entering for the first time (buffs Peace of Mind , Encourage and eating a carrot) worked for me
has anybody got any idea whats going on in this game,cos I hav,nt
probably cause you skipping dialogue and rushing through. take your time. void = bad guys
The statue at 4 does not ask any questions. The rat does give the letters clue but nothing from the statue. This is in the DE version
1 question: how do you get the chest piece of gracious rex when I already talked to trompdoy?
I found it laying on the floor of the treasure room