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By Anonymous
Smokescreen Grenade someone?
By Anonymous
Jar of Mind Maggots + Empty Grenade = Mind Maggot grenade (Charm enemies in an 8m radius)
By Anonymous
And a 4 turn cham, rather than the usual 2.
By Anonymous
Are these consumable or do they re-generate? I'm confused...
By Anonymous
They are consumables like non-crafted grenades.
By Anonymous
There is a beehive near the Void Salamanders, where you meet the squirrel that keeps saying "Shines". Pickpocket Exter in Amadia Sanctuary for "Empty Perfume Bottle" and combine them with the beehive to create endless Love Grenades.
By Anonymous
>Armor-Piercing Grenade has the same recipe as Nailbomb Gren

The recipe actually creates a Nailbomb, not an AP grenade.
By Anonymous
How do you really make an armor piercing grenade?
By red_rose
no such thing as armor piercing grenade here. That's a DOSEE thing.
By Anonymous
Nails or broken glass and an empty grenade
By Anonymous
wtf is my profile pic
By Anonymous
Using Artefacts doest not work on enchanting Two-handed staves. After trying to enchant my Lohse's staff, I tired one of Sebille's daggers and it worked just fine. Not sure why you can't use it on a staff. I have not tried to enchant it on an 2h Axe, Hammer, Spear or sword wither....not sure if it will work.