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For a single character tactician run i find thievery to be most important. Persuasion makes you usually talk yourself out of free xp for killing enemies and free loot for desecrating their corpses afterwards. Better than bartering and weaker than loremaster (unless you memorized the game all the way through) mind you so do as you wish godwoken.
By Anonymous
From my experience, its either go all in or nothing. Low persuasion mostly works against you, forcing you out of fights that you can easily win for free xp. (unless you go psycho b and kill them after anyway )

Tough fights you stumble into and would want to avoid for the moment will require like 5 persuasion. As do the more interesting persuasions.

I remember only 1 time that it rewards more exp, and that is with 5 persuasion on the bloodmoon island

The only time it really(relatively) matters is in act 3.

By Anonymous
Another time is a certain captain in act 2. But it bugged out for me anyway and the quest didnt close
By Anonymous
if the thing about stat different is true, then using a different character that is not locked in dialog to examine the target to view the stats might be a way to efficiently weigh which option is the best.
By Anonymous
This i so freaking stupid. I work and work to get a set of armour I CANNOT use because i have no f*****g idea how much persuasion is needed to get contamination helm to work. Fix this goddamn broken system please.
By Anonymous
Why don't you just respec your points into persuasion, pass the check and then spec back?
By Anonymous
you need 5 persuasion! i just got the helm, and tested it out.
By Anonymous
I was wrong. you need 12 persuasion! i just got the helm, and tested it out.

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Legit terrible system, but I get it, they don't want it to be like Oblivion or Skyrim where you just reload your save over and over until you pass a check, but this isn't that much better.
By Anonymous
100 times better than luck based ones, i love dos2's persuasion system. Baldur's gate 3 bring back having to load back to success checks just because you were unlucky to not get a 80% check successful. Which sucks
By Anonymous
The annoying thing about it is that nothing is explained, and it's not intuitive enough to figure out yourself.
By Anonymous
I have a hard time thinking of a more savescummy by design game than DOS2.
By Anonymous
Savescumming and trying to figure it out yourself is all decisions YOU make as a player on how to play the game.

It's entirely possible to just play the game and deal with the consequences of your actions.

Not saying I'm not guilty of savescumming, but at least I can recognise that I made the choice to do it.
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Anyone know what the max threshold is currently?
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For those visiting the page for tips on persuasion, please note the values from the cracked file above are for ONLY ONE character, Vasnya the lizard you meet in the dungeon of Fort Joy. That's why there's only three options, and no Finesse or Constitution options--those were the only persuasion options written into that dialogue. it is meant to show that the different options for each character have different success rates, NOT be an all-inclusive guide to show how to persuade everyone all the time. The game wants you to think through which options are most likely to work in a given situation and go with those.
By Anonymous
Does persuasion scale with the game, or should I stop putting points into it once i get to level 7 or 10 or something?