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What do you think the default skills/class for Beast would be?
Per default he's a Warmage.
Beast is a tricky one. Dwarfs are best played as rouges considering both racial talents give bonus to sneaking and to dodging. Racial bonus on dodging synergize well with the bonus on dodging with ranks in dual wielding. On the other hand both his special skills (petrify and blinding squall) resist against magic and would be better on a class/build better able to strip magic armor. Thematically each origin character is best suited their default class of course.
Dwarves are geared to Best start as a Battlemage being that they start with Sturdy (+10% Max HP and +5% Dodging) Petrifying Touch (Earth Damage Touch Ranged Spell) and Blinding Squall (Air Damage Area Blind) if you play as BEAST or if you make a Custom Character (Regardless of race) you get Dome of Protection (restores Phys and Magic Armor to Allies in Area, lasts about 5 turns) making them A) Hard to hit or lock down with CC (stuns, knockdown etc.) but also B) Hard to hit (Ranged or Melee Basic Attacks) their survive-ability makes them tough to deal with on the front lines of any battle field.
what about elemancer?
Best, beast boy.
Marcus? Marcus Miles?
I accidentally had***** sex with Beast before Arx, oof
What do you mean by 'oof'? Does that mean you should have it after Arx?
Trying to Humble brag? Cos, boy, I think we all had a turn with the Beast. ;P
where does he go if you dismiss him while at fort joy?
If you dismiss him on Fort Joy, he might go to the seeker camp (Amadia's sactuary or whatever), rather than where you first found him. Not sure what triggers this.