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OP? op.
Currently skin graft scroll cost no ap nor sp, can be used multiple times in a turn, and you can use adrenaline and flesh sacrifice after the scroll.
Yup. Buddy of mine used this exploit to deny me any turns in the final fight for Divinity.
can you target other characters with this or just a self?
just self
Combining this with Adrenaline is pretty powerful. You can use Skin Grafts + Adrenaline + Executioner to get up to 10 action points in one turn. I typically use this with my 2H warrior to kill two enemies my first turn. Adrenaline > Blitz > Whirlwind > Skin Grafts > Adrenaline > Whirlwind Using adrenaline twice *WILL* drain 4AP on the following turn, but it's still really OP to begin the fight with two or three dead enemies.
best support skill in the game. recover all cooldowns on spell is totally OP. You can do insane combos with that spell
its not a support skill, its rather an utility skill
This was sold by Exter on The Lady Vengeance at the very beginning of Act II for me. Man, I really wish I had not robbed him back in Act I now thinking I'd not see him much more...
I don't care much about the memorized version of this skill, but the scroll version of this skill is so broken, that it basically breaks the game. Scroll version costs 0 Ap and 0 Sp to cast, and unlike the memorized version, it can be cast multiple times in the same fight. This means that you can just spam Skin Graft scroll in combination with Adrenaline to virtually take infinite amount of turns. The materials aren't hard to obtain either.. Animal scales are sold by multiple vendors in Driftwood starting early act 2, and Tarquin sells source orbs starting level 13 or so I believe. Sheet of paper can literally be found everywhere.
aren't source orb expensive?
They cost a bit, but you can make more gold in this game, then you will ever end up realistically using with Thievery. Get some good thievery gear and max out thievery on one of the characters. Rob each npc once. Wait an hour for merchants to restock their items and gold. Respec another party member into thievery and repeat the process. You can also use the hired mercs from the ship for this as well. You can make literally millions of gold with this before even leaving Driftwood. And if you want to be even more optimal either have a character on your party with max Bartering and some bartering gear, or just respec someone into bartering before buying/ selling stuff. Make sure to also max approval rating on top of it with the npc before buying or selling anything to him, as this gives you huge discounts. Finally have one character on your party with high lucky charm, as that will translate into a lot of free loot and free gold over the course of the playthrough as well.
super op with elf support teleport + nether swap > adrenaline + flesh sacrifice > skin graft > teleport + nether swap > adrenaline + flesh sacrifice > spider legs or other cc and all the enemies will be cramed together so other damage dealer can use aoe skills with full potential
is it possible to have endless turns with this and Time Warp?