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Anyone find an alternative way of getting this skillbook? Jahan did not provide the skillbook as mentioned
Might only be for louse.
Jahan only provides if you have already 3 source points when you complete his quest. He gives you it instead of increasing your source points by 1, up to the max of 3.
You can also get this with Sebile as I had her as a summoner when I obtained this book but didn't have Lohse in the party.
I believe Jahan only gives you this book when you do his quest to kill the Advocate when you already have full source points.
That is beyond horrible if thats the only way of getting it, how increadibly niche and missable for a spell thats actually different from most summoning
yeah that's the only way and its not beyond horrible because their is like 8 diffferent ways to increase your source before you meet jahan and most of them are a lot easier.
Holy***** is this a mother*****ing JoJo reference ???
I hope so
You have no idea how much I love you for that comment.
anybody know what this scales off of
The initial magic armor seems to be off Int (from testing).
Lohse's #1 Skill :p
Doing my Lohse playthrough as a summoner almost exclusively because I saw this skill.
Don't do a summoner skill because of this, Anon. You don't get to "summon" the inner demon, he simply hovers above you and gives you a +6 INT buff. Your character gets to cast Demonic Tutelage and Terrify.
Such cool skill but so restrictive to get that it's easily missed. I had to replay plenty of stuff in order to get it after reading about it here.


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Very cool buff for both defense and offense (Mag armour & int), costs only 1 AP + 1 SP, and gives you another good skill with 1 turn Cooldown to strip down mag armour and CC enemies. It doesn't even need summoning to scale, brilliant!
> Demonic tutelage

is this a jojo reference?!
Note that if you accept Jahans quest with everyone in your party, you will only get one copy. You can hire a merc to get additional ones for everyone or only speak with Jahan with the same person in your party, then after the quest is complete approach him with your other guys.
This was brilliant! I now have 4 books thanks to you my good man!