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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Ifan doesn't get Pet Pal unless you pick the talent.
If you pick him as the main character he does have it.
he starts with petpal if you don't play as him.....
What about the Nameless Island part? I come here to see what happens and what options do I have but it doesn't even mention it. This wiki shouldn't be calles a wiki
The game's like 3 days old you mongoloid. Of course the wiki isn't done yet.
Lol 5 months later and it's still not there. GG
It still isn´t :-D
& it never was...
& it never will...
who's his voice actor? Sounds just like Jorah Mormont
It seems that if you kill Roost and have both Sebille and Ifan in your team Sebille's personal quest takes priority. I didn't get a trigger for Ifan where Roost tells him about Alexander. I did however learn Sebille's master is there. Anyone else have this happen to them?
Same for me with Sebille and Ifan in my party, Sebille's quest takes priority and I get no special dialog / quest advancement for Ifan. Try to speak to Roost alone with Ifan and it does trigger his quest but not Sebille's (and combat starts right after). Hope this will not break Ifan's quest in Act 3.
I played as Sebille with Ifan as a companion on my first playthrough. I can't remember how I handled that situation specifically but, I don't recall it causing a problem with his quest line. I was still able to confront Alexander when I ran into him on The Nameless Isle and advance his quest.
This problem still persists today. I am curious how it worked out for others.
Contrary to the tip saying the ingenious talent makes him a better Rogue or Shadowblade, I would say that backstabbing is automatic critting, making that talent more superfluous.
Wrong, Crits and Backstabs stack.
^ No you idiot, backstabs are 100% crit chance already, more crit does nothing. More crit damage comes from only two sources and that's Twohander and Scoundrel skills, which is totally irrelevant to being Human.
crit damage is raised by 10% percent. also the +5% crit is good too for a rogue as you do not automatically backstab with every kill. i dont know why everyone is saying it is useless here.
He starts with petpal if you choose him as ranger :)
Patik ifans!!!!
i left thefort joy without having him in my party. when i returned i could only kill magister boris but i had no note on his corpse even though my quest log said i have to take to borris
Me too. No note after I killed Borris. Talking to Zaleskar doesn't advance the quest without Borris' note either. Anyone know if there's another way to advance the quest?