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I found splitting the party to be the easiest option. I'd lead two chars to the west to talk to the magister and the other bloke, I would then get the tinkerer out of there on the west side. x
Ok so here's how to get him out of driftwood WITH THE HELP of Magisters: You need to first talk to him in the barrel and then laugh at his plight,this will lead him into telling you that he has a bomb. Tell one of the magisters searching for him that he has a bomb and the magister will tell you to escort him out of the city and kill him where no civilians can be harmed. Then all you do is run or walk out of town,no magister will interrupt you or inconvenience you in any way. They will say ''Hey you..I mean..carry on,citizen!''
The easiest way is to use the teleporting pyramids. Instead of teleporting your whole party (he won’t be teleported) take a member of your party outside of the town — then go to Higba’s hotbar and select an empty slot to equip one of the pyramids. After you teleport out of town, the pyramid you gave him will be on the ground next to him.
I used crates and barrels to “lock” the guards in the building. Ran around the beach area in the back where you meet him and along the river to the left.
LOL, in my game, some of the patrolling magisters wandered close enough to the fight with voidwoken across the river during Lost and Found, and the Deep-dweller teleported over and slaughtered them before coming back. Dumb luck, but left a big hole in their patrol routes :)
Laugh at him, tell the guards about him, escort him out of city unharassed, finish quest, get his rewards, kill him, get a bunch of grenades and a "home-made bomb" that deals 1,000 aoe damage. (3k exp for the kill too)
Ive just brought him out. Killed magisters on the way for extra xp. After getting out of town, Ive confirmed that the quest is closed, so killed him as well for extra xp. Note: If his hp gets low, he detonates himself with huge damage, so the best way is to kill him before he gets his first turn.
Alternatively, you can simply use an instant waypoint to teleport elsewhere, such as the Lady Vengeance. Higba will teleport with you if you do so, and you can complete the quest in seconds this way. If you use this method, you will need to leave the Lady Vengeance to have the quest close. (This method is obviously a cheat, but Larian seems to have overlooked it.) This doesn't work so it might be a good idea to remove it.
With this method I had to enter the Lady Vengeance before he could reappear and close the quest. If it doesn't work when leaving the ship try going inside the ship.
It worked for me (definitive edition). I had him follow me, teleported to Lady Vengeance, left Lady Vengeance and finished the quest.
Alternatively, you can just kill him to get "Homemade Explosives", a Molotov-cocktail lookin' device that makes you explodes, dealing an absurd amount of fire damage based on Intelligence. @ Lvl 29 Intel, mine says 1556-1720!!
how do you reach level 29? Or was it a typo and u meant to say 19? also 1556-1720 sound more like 19.
i killed him after leading him out. He exploded after he died and looting him gave only some mundane explosives.