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By Anonymous
So you have to be an elf or have an elf in your party?
By Anonymous
Yes, or have Fane in your party. Use the shapeshifting mask to turn into an Elf.
By Anonymous
The reply has some misinformation, you don't need to have Fane in party to get it or use it.
By Anonymous
I guess only with Elf. I tried to use "See Ghosts" skill, but there was only Ghost of dead shark.
By Anonymous
Yeah ... coz the kid died in the ocean ...
By Anonymous
The coordinates for the shark are wrong, it's X: 457 Y:-46
By Anonymous
The coordinates for the shark aren't listed, just the kids. But you could just edit the page to add that info.
By Anonymous
I done the quest without Elf. Do this:
1. Kill the shark
2. Equip "Fane's mask of the Shapeshifter" (If you still have it. Found it in Act 1 somewhere. I don't remember where exactly. Also I think I saw something like that Mask in some vendors. Not sure.)
3. Transform into the Elf
4. Eat the leg (Inside the shark)
5. Go back to kids and tell them sh*t news

By Anonymous
i think i killed the shark at the start and eat the leg before getting the quest can`t solve it now ...
By Anonymous
if you got memories of boy you can
By Anonymous
This is quite *******, I dumped the leg to god knows where. How am i suppose to know that leg is important and link to another quest? So i can't finish this quest now?
There should be a ultimate way to finish a quest.
By Anonymous
Life is hard. If you dump something you will loose something.
By Anonymous
>Throwing away anything in a RPG
By Anonymous
Kill the two kids.
By Anonymous
It's more like you should use your head in a RPG... This is no Bull*****serious, try it.
By Anonymous
Stick to the action RPGs. The ones closer to pen and paper may not be your thing.
By Anonymous
rpgs be like: you explore a map, you find poop in the grass, hmm guess i should take it, maybe it'll be important later on. You progress the story, you meet the final boss, he says: i'm gonna kill every living creature and destroy the world, unless you have tasty smelly poop with you. You say: damn i have one, jackpot baby! You give him poop, the world is safe, everyone is happy, the end.
By Anonymous
If you hate RPGs, do not play RPGs? What you ask for is not a RPG, it is "press to win" button that allows you to feel good about yourself even when you mess up hard. Forget about RPGs altogether, it is not your thing. Look for and follow the arrow when you chose games to play.
By Anonymous
If you don't tell them the truth, you get no loot or exp. This was missing from the walkthrough.
By admiralskippy1
Adding to the above, there is no exp given even telling the kids the truth in the Definition Edition (latest patch of this writing). To get the loot you must also hug the kids and tell them Joe is in better place. The Scholar tag will work. But definitely do not tell them Joe is in shark's belly lol. You will know the quest closes with loot when the kids leave.
By Anonymous
If you didn't make an elf or have Sebille in your party, then you'll need to use a Mask of the Shapeshifter to turn into an elf, then eat the leg after you've picked up the quest. Fane's mask is the easiest to get (not to mention free) as you get it before you even get to Reaper's Coast.
Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter is obtained just after you escape from Fort Joy, right at the start of the game. After you leave the prison, head north to the coast. You'll see the witch who sank the ship at the very beginning (Magetha or something?) and she'll initiate combat after a short conversation. Kill her (only she's in the fight, and at level 5, she's an absolute pushover) and loot the mask.
If you missed Fane's mask (or sold it for an early gold boost) then crafting a new one can be a bit of a pain... You'll need the recipe, (you can learn it from Fane or get it from the quest cave in the Blackpits) a Face Ripper (easiest to get from Magister Kniles inside Fort Joy, but there are more around) and 5 Source Orbs (difficult to find and I don't know if you can craft them) so I'd really recommend not missing Fane's mask.
By Anonymous
For this quest in particular you don't need 5 source orbs, because you don't even need the Mask of Shapeshifter, you can just craft an Elf Mask, using the Face Ripper, an Elf face and 1 source orb.

In any case, if for some reason you missed Fane's mask, you can also just hire Myrela or Veeros from the Lizard Mercenary boss at the Lady Vengeance.
By Anonymous
If you don't have an elf in your party or don't have access to a Mask of the Shapeshifter, you can always hire an elf companion (from the ship) and they can eat the bloodied leg.