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By Anonymous
I went to the cemetery before going into town. Gareth was not at the burning house, but at Paradise Downs. Not sure how I triggered his parent's death.
By Anonymous
I know most likely no one will see this, but I just wanted to express my utter rage at the poor design of this questline. I've played this game multiple times and this was the first time I bothered to search this questline up, and only now did I find out there was an alternate way to do it. Why the developers couldn't find a better way to introduce this quest to players I will never know. What a great way to limit player choice in a game that's supposed to be embracing it.
By Anonymous
Is it possible to me to have Gareth available before final battle? Cause he always leave after killing Alexander on act 3....i killed Jonathan myself on act 2 btw
By Anonymous
I'm not good at reading the air in the room.
I walked up to Gareth, as a Lizard, and said "Hey, you need help digging? I have a knack for it"
I felt ****ing awful afterwards. I'm so sorry, Gareth.
By Anonymous
Just kill Gareth in Act 1 for lvl 9 legendaries from the well and never experience this nightmare of a quest, true gigachad route.
By Anonymous
A route for when morality is optional, like killing yarrow and her dad after finishing the quest.
By Anonymous
It's not that hard to get the xp for lvl 9 legendaries in Act 1 without killing anybody that can show up in the future. Killing the Dallis group at the entrance to Fort Joy helps but even that is unnecessary
By Anonymous
Killing Yarrow and her father is the morally correct route:
Her father has now been reduced to a parody of a person half insane and with mind maggots in his head. Hes already killed innocent people before and he will certainly kill people in the future or turn into a Gheist for the DO. Killing him is putting him out of his misery and honoring the person he once was.
Magister Yarrow has to see her father in this state, burdened with the knowledge that she is indirectly responsible for this happening to him. Not just that but she also is part of the same club that does this sort of thing on the regular, and shes not a footsoldier either. Based on her garb shes a Magister officer which means theres no way shes not aware of whats going on. Killing her is thus justice and a decisive end to the tragic tale.
And **** Gareth dude is shifty as hell.
By Anonymous
This quest branch toward the second option as soon as you enter the paladin camp. I rushed to talk to Gareth at level 9, but I did a detour to talk to the paladins and he wasn't there. He only appeared when I loaded a save just before entering the camp.
By Anonymous
I have just entered the camp looking for the Dreamer as RP and Gareth was still found at the burning house.
By Anonymous
With the hero tag you can convince him to let go of his rage and he'll instantly go to the lady vengeance.
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