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where do you get this
Any huntsman trader in the game, after you reach level 16. I am not sure if you can, or where to, find it in game for free.

Take into account at this time, the skill is very weak for being such a late game book.
level 15+
Skill is absolute garbage for damage, and that's sad considering it's a late game ability.
Craft ?
Just use Ballistic shot instead... Assassinate from stealth will deal 172.5% damage while Ballistic shot gets a 5% damage increase pe 1 meter of distance so if you do you stealth shot at 20 meters from target you deal 200% damage already, and with highground its possible to fire at 30 meters+
The description here says it's pretty useless with Ballistic shot but isn't it a great idea to first use Assassinate to initiate combat from stealth and then use Ballistic shot once you're in combat.
It is obsolete in most cases (exceptions of course). This is because, as you stated, you can initiated combat from stealth. Well, are you not also able to initiate it from stealth and from a far away place? In which case ballistic is better. Space constraints can make it better to initiate, but largely that is not the case.
But then Ballistic is on cooldown and Assassinate is not, and you can't re-stealth to use assassinate. There's no reason to initiate combat with an ability that doesn't get bonuses when you can with one that does, their CDs don't reset in time.
Can dagger-dagger rogue use it in theory?
Of course. Most things works in theory. Swapping weapons cost 1 ap per weapon, so you can initiate combat with a bow either stealthed or invisible then change weapons as enemy gets into your face and your good bow skills are on cooldown.


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My question would be do you get the bonus from invis? If so this would work very well with Chameleon cloak. First Turn Barrage, and Chameleon cloak (4 AP) then unload 2nd turn. I normally Hast my range in the 1st turn with my caster which would allow you use both Assassinate and Ballistic in the 2nd turn.
Probably the only huntsman skill that needs to be buffed. You get bonus while sneaking or invisible but it's not recommended to use chameleon cloak in order to get bonus, as you spend 4ap(1+3) and only get 172.5% damage(less than two basic attack 200%) in return. Currently only use this skill before battle while sneaking.(ap should be reduced to 2)
Not necessarily. There are many reasons to go Chameleon Cloak. You may just use it as a defensive skill to hide, initially (aka your last 1AP in the turn, for a defensive spell). When you're reading to get back in, you can then choose the OPTION of using Assassinate.

However, I agree with your thoughts in general. That deliberately setting up Assassinate is not worth it. I completely agree it's situational.

In fact, I wanted to point out that you often Cloak for a completely different reason than Assassinate, giving you a lot of unintended situations where Assassinate is a feasible option or backup plan.