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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Multiplayer is hosted by one player, and the characters are determined by the savegame being loaded. It is not possible to use one character between different saves. Only the characters created for the save are available. Created characters cannot be kicked in the same way as NPC companions, meaning a full player created party has no ability to swap out characters at all.
As such the best means of enabling character switching for drop in drop out multiplayer is to not create a full party at the start of the game, instead using the NPC companions as vessels for the temporary players' characters.
Can you import the save files from the hosted system to another computer to transfer the host role?
Actually you can kick players from a party. You right click on a player and do "Make war". It will boot a player from the party. And will start a fight between the players. Just "Flee" from the fight together. And then Tada... You can have multiple parties. :P
If me and a friend already create a game and create custom characters, will an other friend be able to create a custom character after we start? or will he only be able to be the ones with back stories?
Can someone utilize the split-screen co-op feature AND play on an online multiplayer server? I have yet to get a straight answer.
Yes, the devs made a video that showcased two people using Split Screen co-op to play online with other people.
can i play multi player with a friend if he has it on steam and i have it from GoG?
You can create a lobby and send him server ID. You will find server ID in connectivity menu next to direct connection there is little blue button to copy so you dont have to write it. When you quit the game you don´t have to create lobby again you just press continue and invite him directly to the game through the same menu.
Can a host give another member of the party control over the game? ( make them host instead?)
There's nothing in-game to help you, but if you find the save file you can transfer that manually to whoever you want to be the host.
If i want to play multiplayer with 2 of my friends, will we have to do the story missions once for each player?
No its team based you all complete it as one
Characters are tied to the host's save.
people keep kicking me out
Most of the time they want to play with friends, not with strangers as it is more fun, I think.
Its likely they don't know there hosting a server. The game automatically makes it so others can join
How does becoming the divine in multiplayer work?
You get to fight your friend(s)