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Got him out of the tavern by feeding him tainted stew, killed him in front of the latrines but do you cut off his head?
But how can I get some tainted stew?
You buy some stew from the barmaid then combine it with a tainted fish.
Go to the Fish Factory and speak with the employee's.... find a certain fish... and go from there... Garven does like stew ;)
To kill Garven without attracting unwanted attention feed him the Meaty Stew you buy from the barmaid and combine it with any Void fish (they are all over the, just look in a fish barrel). Offer him the stew and follow him to the latrine and kill him.
If you have an elf and decide to eat Garven's head you get a talent that gives you +1 to Bartering.
What, that isn't even the right quest, *.
The only * here is you, buddy.
I simply confronted him, he became hostile, then a fine paste on the floor along with his bodyguards. The spirit in the room accepted it all the same, and the magisters in the hallway didn't even bat an eye at the bloodbath in the room with the door open.
hmm when i confront him he just talk that he doesn't want to talk about it and there is nothing i can do, so i guess the trick that i submit is for anyone that has the same fate as me
Where is Liam ?
Near the shallow grave. You need spirit vision since he is a ghost.
Where's the grave? I don't remember where he is to turn in the quest.
Okay... And wheres the grave?
its close to one of the bridge trolls, at the bridge closest to the ship wreck
take note of where he stashed his reward reload and eat the head and go dig up the loot gaining both rewards
When I give Liam the head, he just tells me that he has nothing to give me anymore and disappears, no mention of any hidden treasure. Where is the treasure located, does anyone know?
If your barter person isn't an elf, you can use the Shapeshifter's mask or equivalent to transform into a elf and eat the head to get the skill point. Worked when I did it with Lohse.
that's super good advice:) thx!
where do i find Garvan?