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Eating it teaches you Phoenix Dive, but what does keeping it do? Is it just valuable?
It will hatch into a phoenix
>it will hatch into a phoenix

Okay, but when where how and what does it do? It's sort of been sitting in my inventory
So far I have not figured out where to bring the egg, however I can add that you will find a chest armor off a dead magister near garith just to the north of where you find the sick chicken this chest armor has the text "Phoenix Egg" on it. You will also find a Skull Sentinel in the basement of Rykers place with the same text. So far I have not found a combination of them that works but I am keeping an eye out for more as I play through.
For clarity, you do not need to convince it for it to turn into a Phoenix Egg, simply immolating the sod will do.
Just like in real life!
The coordinate is wrong. It's X:353, Y: 255.
yeah i only got 13.5k xp for picking up or eating the egg. so the 40k is grossly inaccurate. the 5k for talking to him is right.
40k for burning him, not for taking the egg
I burnt him, 13.5k xp.
XP rewards were rescalled with the latest patch, hence the incorrect mention of 40k XP - it has been reduced to 13,5k.
i put it on top of a glowing idol of rebirth and it lit on fire for a bit then nothing and if i put it on to it agin it dosnt do anything
Ffs, one more of those "If you have tag A and talent B, the quest can be solved in a decent way" - do i have to read the wiki on every fckn quest or what?!
agree. nearly everything in this game is so obtuse.
Nope, you just don't get to solve everything - not all in life is doable, so is in the game.
You are supposed to play this game the way it is designed, it's a role playing game. if you are not playing a scholar, odds are that your character does not have the knowledge to find out ferno is a pheonix. Because your character just doesn't know. you have to differentiate between your questlog and the experience your character makes. Your character won't be sitting over their journal thinking "found sick bird, but got quest from it.. there has to be more to it, quest ain't closed.. maybe browse wiki".
The issue is you can have 4 people in a party with different skill sets, but if you're not a scholar and a party member is, they just shrug and don't fill you in on the information. It's not excuse for how the game works, they could have easily put a filter in to check party members
Exactly, it's a "role playing game". If you travel in a group and you have a scholar who can talk with animals, why does he butt in and say "hey, yer a phoenix, brah, lemme cook ya real quick", like you'd expect from "role taking" character, as he's literally standing half a meter from me, hearing every word? I had to kill the woman whose brains were scrambled with, simply because *my* character, who initiated the conversation with the doctor, doesn't have the scholar tag, so hand-in-hand with the scholar, who kept his mouth shut, we beat her death. Why can't these bloody conversations include the whole party, hm?
I somewhat agree with you, not being able to do everything in one playthrough gives the game more replayability where you will have different outcomes, but I fully agree with the first reply to you. If I have a party of 4 and one of them has a tag or talent needed for a conversation or action then I expect them to actually butt in and tell me that they'll handle it, sure when it comes to this quest it would make sense if the one with the tag don't have the pet pal skill but if everyone in my party had pet pal and I simply just initiated the conversation with the wrong character then I expect an option. Don't make us talk to every npc in this game with every member of our party just to find out if we have a new speech option.
I agréé with post commenta down hère as long as it applies to single player only. Un coop or multiplayer, characters that enter a conversation (as in actively talk to sone of the people in a conversation to listen) should ne able to interject.
First: you do not have to have to be Scholar to "solve" this. Just burn it and the quest is done. This quest is an easter egg. What a pitty today there are wikis about every game, so these funny little riddles become a matter of looking it up... Second: You are suppossed to play this game in a coop and it is balanced around this idea. In a multiplayer party, it would be ridicoulous if the other player just "steps in". This is the only valid critique: it should be otherwise in single player. Or not if you consider your partymembers as persons and not as "information givers with swords"
I cannot eat it. I can eat the phoenix heart, but not the phoenix egg. The menu doesnt have this option for the egg.


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You can't choose to eat it later once you picked it up. You have to eat it while it's still on the ground.
There is also a Landscape painting you can pick up early on that has the description "Phoenix Egg." I have no idea how this connects nor do I, unfortunately, remember exactly where I picked it up.
I did not get any phoenix egg from burning it.