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If you go over the broken railway just after getting to the second level, you can find a hidden eternal oblisk, inside the wooden shack. It only does something if you have source points. Dont know what it does yet though, something about eternal armor.
It gives a recipe for Eternal Armour
gives a schematic for armor of eternals
Ryker is lvl 13 and gives lvl 12 rewards. And yet, to get tablet, you have to kill a lvl 15 boss. Makes no sense.
You don't have to open the Sarcophagus to get the tablet.
He's probably balanced that way so you can choose to confront him and fight him before doing the whole blackpits quest for him. If you explore his house a bit when you first get there, you find some notes and journals indicating that he's one of the people hunting godwoken and isn't trustworthy.
An easy story answer to the discrepancy you pose is that: no duh Ryker is lower level than the enemies he sends you to face, otherwise he'd have gone and done it himself.
Anyone know how to unlock the door in Ryker's underground chamber?
On the big room where you fight Ryker, there's a lever by the mirror. Not sure if you need high wits to find it or it's always there.
This is one of my main gripes with the game. It is EXTREMELY rare to get anything useful from any quest or any chest after defeating any difficult opponent. I just ended up resorting to stealing from every vendor to satisfy my needs because eventually everything becomes so expensive and you don't get enough loot/gold to pay for everything, at least on Tactician Mode. So at least there's that, lol.
There's a lever near the mirror where Ryker was


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You don't get enough loot/gold? lol... I'm level 16 and have 230k gold and every best possible gear I could get at this point on Tactician.
So Ryker want the schematic of Swornbreaker so he can be free from the Black Ring but also gives you the schematic of Swornbreaker to you if you complete his quest? What?
Read the tablet to get the schematic
After I kill Ryker, this quest only completes when I kill his cat and dog upstairs. Odd.
I didn't have any Quartermistress Anna where she's supposed to be (At the entrance of the mines), where could she be exactly if not there ? Inside the mines ? Or did I kill her some place else ? Can she be outside somewhere else ?
Quatermistress Anna flees into the cave and vanishes from the game if you engage in combat the magisters nearby.
strange, my run through had no Quartermistress Anna.
I saw her the first time i walked around that area before rescuing the Gideon (?) guy hanging by his arms on the platforms. But when I returned to her camp awhile later , she was gone.
Yeah she seems to just dip after you kill Johnathon
For me, she aggroed during the Jonathan fight. I found her body surrounded by ooze bodies at the bottom of the platform. Maybe she's part of your body count as well.
Im so confused, how can you get Source Vampirism before doing this quest? Ryker won't teach you until you get the tablet?
In order to get the source vampirism skill you have to perform the ritual with Meister Siva when you have two source points. And yeah Ryker won't help you unless you retrieve the tablet from the Black Pits first, but theres many other ways of getting source points.
As said, you need to perform the Meister's ritual a second time to gain Source Vampirism, which you can do once you get a second Source point by someone. Ryker is just one of many who can give that to you. There's Hannag in Cloisterwood, there's a Black Ring mage (whatever is her name) north-east, below the corner of the map, in a house (tip: avoid the corner because there's a boss, and you'll need some sort of teleport/flight to get over canyons), there's also some Dwarf who's mind-controlling people in a cave below Cloisterwood, west of Driftwood, and those are only the options I know of, there may be more.