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3 SP???? Really?? If someone has 20% of HP - i will never waste 3 SP on it.
y tho
but you can also use it before the game start by sneaking/going invisible.

furthemore if you're invisible the dommage are double.

and 20% erly isnt much, but its a late game skill with late game npc, i dont know yet but what if they have like 5000hp ? then 20% is 1000hp, this skil is a really good pre/engage and finisher (especialy in late game)
Im dealing 3k damage with this skill, really good opener that eliminates single opponent instantly
You can use this to guarantee a single kill at the start of the battle 90% of the time.
Mortal Blow, Guerrilla, Backstab is just flat out insane. (By this point you should also have max weapon skill and close if not max finesse)

I think it also kills them as long as you get them below 20% with the attack, but I heard that on a youtube video. I haven't tested it myself.
how can i get it? do i have to kill Gwyndian Rince? i saved him once... dont know where he is now
Don't forget you can Backstab with this skill.
Absurdly good as an elf with a few polymorph points and The Pawn talent. Either use a 1 AP movement ability or move behind the target for free, hit once, adrenaline, hit again, flesh sacrifice, chameleon cloak, mortal blade for double damage with guaranteed crit.
Apotheosis and this. Of course you can set up this combo with other things to make the most out of it.



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This skill is decent, but when you compare it to pretty much anything that costs 3 SP you will realise that whoever balanced scoundrel was afraid that it will become too strong. This skill basically deals 280*(~2)=560% DMG, single target. Meanwhile you have huntsman skill with his arrow storm which deals 1600% dmg in an AREA for just 1 more AP. And that's BEFORE applying high ground damage. AND you can use it multiple times with Apotheosis (and also can reset cooldown with Skin Graft), unlike mortal blow which is limited to one use per combat.

Or, you know, you can look at any 3 SP elemental skill except may be hydro, but at least it applies CC.

Or, also, a 3 memory warfare skill which costs only 2/1 AP/SP and will deal a*****ton of damage as long as your armor is bigger than your enemies armor.
Overpower costs 3 sp
Never mind...