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By Anonymous
This quest is overtuned, lighting up the totems can be annoying but the damage the spirits do is rather insane. They also have very high initiation so there's a chance they'll 1-2 shot one of your characters. Spring's blitz attack can one shot anyone not in plate. It's an infuriating quest and it's not fun.
By pnutmnms
I got them all lit playing Sebille. They are ridiculously hard to light up without one or more going out before the last one is lit. Idk if this is just on tactician mode or not. Tip - the Spring tree stays lit the longest (using Flesh Sac). On my hotbar I had a freezing arrow, cloud arrow and laser ray scroll all in a row. I stood next to Spring and did flesh sacrifice, and then as fast as clickably possible used the arrows and laser ray scroll in order on the other trees. It took a couple tries but I finally broke through and lit them all. Phew. PITA but the EXP is pretty good if you don't throw your PC out of the window first
By Anonymous
I did this on a solo character, the easiest way to do this is to craft scrolls that create direct surfaces, no need to learn skillbooks and waste memory slots.

Hail strike for Winter (paper + high quality water essence + chub fish), Closed Circuit for Autumn (paper + source orb + lucky rabbit paw), Laser Ray for Summer (paper + high quality fire essence + nails). You can buy the scrolls or ingredients from vendors in Driftwood/Undertavern.

Create blood at Spring and then position yourself so that the Closed Circuit creates the cloud close enough to Autumn. Cast all three scrolls and you'll be fine.
By Anonymous
This is the dumbest quest I have ever encountered in this game on my first playthrough.

Creating Blood = Easy, barely an inconvenience.

Creating the Fire Cloud and Frozen Water, and electrified steam = Dumb because it lasts a whole 2 turns and there's no time to do all 3 as a single Player Character even with 4 npcs in your party. The ice melts, and the fire cloud dissapears, and the electricity goes away from the cloud before you finish and talk to the dumb altar.

I am an archer, with Lohse being my "Mage", and Red Prince Duel Wield Melee and Fane 2-handed melee.

I don't understand how you are supposed to do this fast enough outside of co-op mode
By Anonymous
just did it with laser beam and vaporize+shock
By Anonymous
Literally did all of them alone as a single player with one character with 3 different abilities. I think you're just slow.
By Anonymous
just craft scrolls for the abilities that deal direct surfaces - hail strike for winter, closed circuit for autumn, laser ray for summer. create blood at spring and then position yourself so that the closed circuit creates the cloud close enough to autumn. cast all three scrolls and you'll be fine
By Anonymous
THE KEY for me was... get blood going.. teleport over the electrified steam pumpkin.. Load one guy up with Hail Strike and Laser Ray. The clincher?? save and go to the main menu and let my laptop cool down, and start fresh so that there wasn't so much lag in between casting spells (which I was using the number buttons to initiate).
By Anonymous
Use a laser ray or fire slug on summer. Rain then fireball then lightning bolt (the 2 ap one) to get an electric cloud. Shoot a teammate with your ranger for a blood pool. Hail strike on winter.

Is this hard? I guess people don't use elemental mages?
By Anonymous
bugged out quest again. use ice once and then nothing works again. fantastic game design.
By Anonymous
DE on tactician. Best way I found after multiple tryout (2 physical lone wolves with scrolls like peasants)

To do before : Rain on the winter, make cloud on the autumm and blood rain on spring since it's doesnt decay

Timing and order is crucial otherwise you lose them. Icetrail on the winter, pheonix dive and vaporize on the summer and electric discharge on the autumm
By Anonymous
You don't have to have them all active at the same time.
By Anonymous
Well, at least this is the case with DE on normal.
By Anonymous
I can't find information on Icetrail. Perhaps it's another name? I'm curious.
By Anonymous
bad english or google translate maybe? icetrail isnt a thing...
By Anonymous
Super easy to figure out riddle, impossible to start if you don't have very specific spells set up on your characters because they stay active for very short time and you need them all active at the same time.
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