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By Anonymous
I have never seen such an incomplete wiki.
By Anonymous
The game's been out for less than a month. People are filling it in gradually as they play. This is how most game wikis start out, it'll get more comprehensive as more people discover things and write them down, hence why the comments sections tend to have more info. It's not like wikis are made by the devs or something, this is all fan contributions.
By Anonymous
Lol! The game is a few days old. You clearly haven't seen many wikis...
By Anonymous
remember, after this you will start a trial of combat. Dont do this low level ( I tried level 11, got my *** kicked really bad )
By Anonymous
Beat this at level 12, came down to 1v1 both at near death, most satisfying fight ever.
By Anonymous
WinterBlast doesn't work for me, I had to use HailStrike. But then again WinterBlast seems bugged, it only hits enemies, my characters take no damage even if I cast it right on top of them.
By Anonymous
Rain + winterblast
By Anonymous
You can cheese the fight with a summoner. I teleported on top of a nearby rock, and then none of them attacked me after all the other companions had died.
By Anonymous
what do u do with the phenix heart?
By Anonymous
I'm not certain, since none of my party are elves, but I'm pretty sure that if you do have an elf in your group, they're meant to eat it. I've been holding on to it in case I meet an elf NPC who wants it but I get the feeling it's just meant to be a cool thing for elf characters to use.
By Anonymous
Frost Grenade thrown onto the Hero of Winter also works.
By Anonymous
this is a very hard fight. came in with level 11's at ~600-700 hp and these guys are hitting for 500 lol. the way i did it was i burst the magic armor of the spring and summer enemies then used dominate mind. was able to mop up after that but thank the lord for resist death...
By Anonymous
little edit: i used dominate mind on the challenger of spring since it had the lowest magic armor, not the summer enemy. the two handed challenger of spring proceeded to one shot the challenger of autumn with a 750 damage all in hit lol. and that's how you win a fight 3 levels above your own.
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