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By Anonymous
This quest sucks. Either you have to be really quick or this is bugged bugged, like stupid bug. I hate this thing.
By Anonymous
wtf is up with the damage from these guys? idk if I'm somehow behind in gear or what but I'm only on classic mode and they hit for like triple what I can at lvl 14.
By Anonymous
Hi, Ive made this quest today [20/08/2021 in DE and Tactician Mode, with Duo Lone Wolf and playing alone by myself with no mods. Steps:

1. Create a blood surface under the spring tree. I ve made it with blood rain. This tree will be always activated since the blood does not dissapear.
2. Prepare a cloud in the Autumn tree ( just the cloud ). In my case I created water under the tree and the fired it to create the cloud.
3. Then have it with quick access to your way of creating ICE, BLESS (divine spell), and Cloud of Fire
4. Begin with the ice to the Winter tree.
5. Bless the ice.

-- STEP 5 is the MAKE IT step. This step makes the surface persist for more turns so you have time to activate the other 2 trees.

6. I used the normal thunder spell to set the cloud electrified ( Autumm )
7. Finally I used piro laser into the Summer tree.

Got the mission done and the fight started.
By Anonymous
This is one of the dumbest quests in the game. If it worked it would be fine.......
By Anonymous
**** this quest
By Anonymous
I just completed this quest in tactician it is possible but you have to activate them all in VERY QUICK SUCCESSION.
By Anonymous
no you don't, I took like 9 hours.
By Anonymous
ye it is possible but the ice one will fade fast af. I used different chars for each and prepared a fire slug for the laser already
By Anonymous
Can confirm this the flash on totem don't stay active in tactician mode, so i just ignore this quest lol
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