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What is the point of this skill?
It does the same damage/ap as a basic attack?
You fire 3 shots instead of 1 , so technically if you do the math - 1 basic attack = 2AP for 100% damage,

Barrage = 3 attacks for 3 AP = 60% x 3 .
Not exactly. Its 180% damage. For 3 AP.
Normally you would get 100% for 2 AP. (So 150% for 3 AP)
But its main strength is splitting damage. Plus Each shot gets a roll to crit.
(Unless I am mistaken)
You can use it to shred armor on multiple targets or just finish someone off and avoid wasting damage.
It could also works well with elemental arrow head for triggering elemental effects.
This skill is nice when paired with elemental arrowheads, as each of the three arrows gains the arrowhead bonus.

Like most people i use the elf ability to spawn blood at my feet, then use arrowheads on the blood for bonus physical damage.

I then use this skill to try to burst through enemy armor
I don't find this attack to be useful at all. 4AP 2 attacks =200% vs 1 barrage = less damage and 5 AP next turn. 6AP 3 attacks = 300% vs 1 barrage and 1 attack= STILL less damage, hope you got something to do with 1AP The only way I can see the attack being good is if it can benefit from critical chance. What is up with these attacks being so weak!?
Elemental Arrowhead applies to each barrage arrow. 1ap elemental arrowhead + 3ap barrage will result in more damage this turn and from the arrowhead buff next turn
You can also use this to split the damage between different targets.
apparently never played archer
Made a Ranger and this skill is good. Sure in some situations it won't be but that is with everything and you do get a roll to crit 3 times so with high crit% this skill is great.Ideal for a crossbow(highest damage weapon) and crit build but also does well with the Elemental Ranger/Arrowheads as the first hit applies the surface on them and the last 2 arrows take advantage.