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i have lost this talent when i gained the second level of skill on source points, anyone knows why?
Try again as someone who hasnt got that talent so you wont lose anything. It happened to me too
I believe if you get a second source point slot from Hannag by sacrificing the creatures of the forest you'll lose Pet Pal
How do I get This Talent If I dont pick It At the Start
You can unlock it when you level up
If you use Hannag's source mastery upgrade, you lose this talent if you have it. You lose access to it permanently, you can re-spec into it again, but you lose THE TALENT that was spent on it. She's a decent vendor if you can friend her, and a very tough fight if you don't. The characters with me who also had it (I know) did NOT lose it, and DID gain the source point.


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Added to the page.
Do HUMANS have it as a Unique Skill (without investment)?
"Ifan Ben-Mezd" STARTS with Pet-Pal!
Wayfarer starts with Pet Pal not necessarily Ifan. If you choose to give/start him a different class he loses this talent.
The best talent in the game. Not even to mention pet quests, but also makes the game SO fun... animals are also often helpful, like this rat in Braccus Rex ruined castle in Fort Joy, who told u to bless the lever... imo best talent to enjoy the game entirely.
Reminder that even in the latest version of the game, there is a bug with Pet Pal. If you have it, it might stop working around the end of Act 1, but it will still appear in your Talents. In order to fix this, you must go to the respec mirror on the boat, uncheck Pet Pal, then check it again. This should make it work. It is allegedly caused by interacting with the respec mirror when you get to the boat at end of Act 1. I don't know if it affects the other talents, but it seems it doesn't. I first noticed I couldn't talk to the skeleton cat on the boat, then again with Sir Lora at Hall of Echoes between Acts.