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By Anonymous
A very important spell for getting blood incarnates and blood totems, usually I use this before the battle starts to set up a blood pool for blood for my summoners.

Otherwise, the only reliable way to get blood is the elf's flesh sacrifice.
By Anonymous
You can also use Raise Bloated Corpse and explode it with Vile Burst in order to get a large pool of blood.
By Anonymous
Where is the blood coming from when you cast this spell?

....from a lacerated sky
By Anonymous
Bleeding its horror
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fall into me, the skies crimson tears!
By Anonymous
You can get the book the moment you enter Fort Joy. Have 2 points in thievery, a lockpick, now go behind the archer on the left top of the main gate. You can pickpocket the keys to the gate from him. There are NO sightlines at the gate. You can walk up to the gate, go into sneak mode, open the door and snake up the ladder to Orviland's chambers. Pick the lock. You're in. Teleport to a Waystation immediately after to exit.
By Anonymous
The spell now sets bleeding available for 3 turns. Cooldown is 5 turns
By Anonymous
Discard the post, I read it wron,g, Read either instead of neither...do I feel dumb...:P