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By Anonymous
Note that you need corpse explosion, not mass corpse explosion. I was wondering the entire time why the latter didn't work before I realize that there's a single target version of the spell.
By Anonymous
but where can i get it?
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By elnawawi
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Same happened in my first play-through. The Corpse Explosion comes from combing two normal books, the Mass Corpse Explosion version comes from having either or both the books combined be a source-skill.
By Anonymous
where is the book?
By Anonymous
just combine any piro and necro books
By Anonymous
If you want to close out this quest you can find her in the graveyard east of where you fought the necromancer dog.
By Anonymous
where exactly is that location? In the stonegarden graveyard?
By Anonymous
please just write coordinates
By SirFoxALot
Coords X:566 Y:133
There's also a Location Marker called Eithne's Rendezvous Point.
By Anonymous
If you want to converse with the npc don't say you like the black ring....
By Anonymous
Combine Pyro and necromancer book, deliver the book, to close the quest go to X:564 Y:128 its in the stonegarden graveyard
By Anonymous
If you choose Black Ring, she will fight you. Killing her will net:
~15k XP
High Quality Tormented Soul
An Mey Falin (unique belt) 70 phys armor +2 Constitution, +1 Wits, 20% Poison resist, +1 Warfare, +1 Single-handed, +1 Polymorph
Robe of Power (epic chest armor) +1 Constitution, +10% Earth resist, +1 Scoundrel, 1 rune slot
Hjerna (Legendary Helmet) +1 Intelligence, +1 Huntsman, +2 Scoundrel, +1 Aerotheurge
Skin Graft skillbook
Door to Eternity skillbook
By Anonymous
The unique item is always the same but the epic and legendary will change randomly for different playthroughs and players. just FYI
By Anonymous
to be clear: combien ANY necromancer and ANY pyro book.
By Anonymous
Where is the Necromancer Dog ? or how do i see Cordinates?
By Anonymous
Check the map