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By Anonymous
I passed the Intelligence check with Fane (who's a mystic) and it still gave me the stolen necklace. I tried selling it in Drifwood's market and the whole damn town turn on me and attacked.
By pnutmnms
Rubbed the lamp, killed the djinn but there was no lamp to be found afterward
By pnutmnms
Oops, never mind. It magically just appeared in my inventory without having to pick it up.
By Anonymous
There is a lamp hidden up on a box in the magister's basement in Arx. Holding A to make a loot ring wont detect it. Is there some way to get it? Teleport isn't working but I haven't tried polymorph wings
By Anonymous
i did some excessive experimentation for the knowledge reward because all the info ive found online has been condradictory.

the skill book randomization is not true random. it has a preset condition that makes save scumming incredibly difficult. that said, my deep dive into this encounter combined with a discovery i had made yesterday yielded some fascinating results as to the nature of the loot system in this game. and ive discovered a way to scum ANY of the "random" rewards, including lucky charm.

heres how it works.

loot tables based on random chance are generated GLOBALLY and isnt actually random. it uses some kind of logic based number generator. meaning that everytime you open a chest, it "re-rolls" the global random loot table. which is why reloading over and over again and opening the same chest will never yield a different kind of item or table. it may result in items having different stats, but the item type will always be the same. (from my tests this also includes merchants, but their loot tables seem to be more complex)

but, if you reload and specifically *loot the chests in a different order* you cause the loot table system to reorganize and put forward different results. giving the illusion of random rewards.

for a practical example. you have 3 barrels. you save before opening them. you loot them in order 1-2-3. the third barrel triggers lucky charm and you get a legendary. but you dont like the stats. so you reload. this time you loot 2-1-3 but lucky charm doesnt trigger. instead the barrel gives a couple of gold. but if you reload again, and do 1-2-3 once more. it once again rewards you with a legendary of the same type as before. allowing you to reroll perks.

this also applies to chests with guranteed loot tables.

for example, in the dungeon where you rescue the Desiccated Undead. the chest that requires a key seems to always give a skillbook. the first time i looted it, i got a source huntsman skillbook. but due to the encounter going bad, i reloaded and relooted, not yet knowning about the randomizer i mentioned above. and i got a level 1 hunstman skillbook instead because i didnt open any other chests beforehand like i had done earlier. through excessive experimentation i found i could change the rewards in every single chest in the room by looting them in a different order each time. they still seemed to have a limited pool to pull from per encounter or area, but to an extent it was entirely controllable.

this same system applies to the djinn reward.

if you carry a few unopened containers (or i guess leave a party member somewhere with unopened containers) you can loot them in random order to change the skillbook that you recieve from the djinn.

if you have 3 chests for example, you have a 16 chances to roll for a new book. based on the order of crates you looted before hand. the first option being no looted containers, and then 15 different variations to modify the randomizer.

(the patterns in question)

in short, so long as you prepare, you can get whatever skillbook you want with this encounter. but it is NOT true random.
By Anonymous
Good writeup but I thought this was well-known
By Anonymous
Good writeup but I thought this well-known regarding opening containers to pseudo-randomize, or talking to merchants. Also should be noted the containers can only be opened once, so if you carried around containers for randomization you'd have to toss them and get new ones after using them.
By Anonymous
It's not true. Every time I reload the saved game I am able to get another kind of item.
By Anonymous
a interesting, but inconsequential quest bug.
if you interact with him as an undead lizard (custom character, not a merc) you get an incorrect diety interaction. "deep inside you feel zorl-strissa stirring. you hear a faint chuckle, she remembers this one..." however, the undead diety is Amadia.

fane and my undead mercs (one elf, one dwarf) instead get a vague non-diety-specifc dialogue "deep inside, you can feel your god stirring, its recoiling, revolted. no wonder zorl-strissa turned this one away..."

using fanes mask makes zero changes to this interaction. even if you turn into a lizard.

*shrug emoji*
By Anonymous
Good Reward for Knowledge is not random, I tried 3 times in a row and it gave the source skill to summon a lava slug.
By Anonymous
The table of choices vs results on this page is not fully accurate (At least not to my experience)
I used strength persuasion (Strength 30, persuasion 5) and succeeded . He pulled a jewelled crown through a void and gave that to me a long with his lamp. The crown has no effects, is marked as stolen and is worth 3470 gold. I wouldn't consider that a bad reward by any measure.
By Anonymous
I killed it in Arx at lvl 18. He was lvl 20 and gave about 149k xp
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By eolsunder
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level 21 208,250 XP
By Anonymous
lvl 22 ~250k xp. eat it eolsunder xD
By Anonymous
These dialogue choices (with enough persuasion) leads to a good reward:

1. "Ask why he would kill Godwoken"
2. "Gently ask the Djinn what he did then."
2. "Nod along. You can understand his reasons."
3. [Intelligence Persuasion] "Argue that not all Godwoken are bad..."
By Anonymous
the lizard WILL spawn with the same level as yours, mind you and he WILL shad shift in the most uncomfortable for you place.
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