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In order to get the good rewards, you must pass the Intelligence persuasion check. All the other persuasion checks still lead to the bad rewards.
Not true, finesse is fine too, but as stated, Mystic finesse, not finesse alone. Just did it.
13 fails with 43 int. Respected 4 points in Persuasion on Fane and got a success first try.
How much int do you need to pass? I tried and failed with 40 INT , but passed the str test with 31 STR..
Lone Wolf 80? :P
My Lohse had 46 int and 1 persuasion and it failed. Respecced to 4 persuasion (with same int) and it succeeded. Seems like persuasion skill matters a lot.
Nearly the only thing that matters is persuasion. I got nearly every single check with barely any in the according stat but persuasion at max.
only intelligence check will get the good rewards
djinn's scimitar for power
djinn's gift for wealth (not stolen) 4770 gold
a skill book for knowledge
a skill scroll for wipe your enemies
and wit check pass for him to disappear.... attack him for nothing, even corpse
I passed the power check and got struck by lighting but recieved 9k xp and no sword.
Its not true only intelligence check will lget the rewards.. Got it with finesh check and i got the lamp and the amulet for 4770 gold..
Persuasion 5 and 31 INT were enough to pass.
Reward for knowledge was fixed for me, reloading the save and wishing again havent changed the reward. It was Thick of the Fight Skillbook for me.
Same for me but I get Arrow Spray. Reloading and still get Arrow Spray
whoever designed that fight needs to be executed. this was the most annoying fight i have had in the game. ***** YOU GAME DEVS.

the cowardly little ***** runs away and teleports away over and over and he heals himself and summons water minions too.

***** THIS PIECE OF***** NPC
git gud idiot
get wreck you piece of*****. fight is easy. git *****ing gud
He only teleported once for me, right at the start, and he only summoned one minion. I teleported him back down, stripped his armor, and kept him knocked down for the entire fight. Like the others said, git good. Don't blame the devs when you suck.
u must su.ck real bad. delete the game and play candy crush
I passed the wits check and the djinn simply returned to his flask.
With Lohse, you can ask the djinn to kill the thing that is in your head, but he says he can't and demands you to choose again.
I had 4 in persuation and 10 int as a rogue and still passed int check
I also had 4 in persuasion and 10 int warrior and it passed the int check without a problem.