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Знаки вопроса просто невьебически мне помогли
Вики в процессе наполнения, кретин.
How do i open the locked door with 2 levers?
master tremly shows you how. He starts with sitting down, moves to the floor switch, then switch on the wall, then the right lever
The order wasn't working for me no matter how I tried it. I just lockpicked it. Lol. I'm surprised that was even an option.
The order showed by ghost isnt working(other combinations either), im just getting stunned by each items i use. Bug?
Doors cannot be lockpicked :(
switch on the floor, switch on the wall, tablet, lever
May 2020, i confirm the ghost pattern works, start with trap on the floor, then the button ont he console, then the tabel and finaly the lever on the right of the door.
the automaton past the barrier keeps telling me to go to the library, I've done everything in there. I finished all of the quests and searched and read everything. What am I missing?
Follow the ghost who mentions needing to go talk to the chancellor around.
Are those stat boosts permanent?
You can change them back to the way they were with respec... each stat boost comes with an equal stat penalty so you arent really gaining anything, unless you wanted to lower a stat below 10 and use those points for something else.
How do you open the room at the other end of the conference table?
That is from a backdoor entrance into Academy. Backdoor = you can skip all temples and frankly speaking the whole island (not cheese, official backdoor hole).
Holy god what does that *****ing "you must go to the library" means. Done everything in there by each 4 characters over and over again. Is it bugged?
When the Eternal Arbiter asks for you to complete your studies, she wants each character in your party to know Spirit Vision and Source Vampirism. You can find a tablet that teaches each in the library. Have each party member that does not know these spells read each tome, and then return to the Arbiter to continue the quest.
Was looking for this, thanks!
I guess you will not be given the option to become Sworn if you've already killed Alexander. No matter what option I picked, I am never given the choice to be Sworn by the Voidwoken. I would really have liked those free stats.
You need to be undead to get the choice
Found out that killing the Seneschal (i.e. the robot you fix at the entrance) does not grant any XP, but upon death he is loaded with some high-tier skill books. At that point those books are not too useful so I just kept him alive