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This boss is hard
For *****ing real
Have a nice tip for you, guys!
Step 1: fill the room (especially verge passages) with water (use rain skill).
Step 2: transform this water into the oil with (Turn To Oil skill).
Step 3: arrange all your guys on the farthest platform (where is Amadia pillar stands alone).
Step 4: you should use reliquary with your tank. When the battle begins and you have such occasion, teleport him to your other troops and wait.

Dogs will be stuck. Try to use magic and magic-arrows on 'em. When the boss comes by (she has wings) control she with your melee weaponry, save knockdown skills for using once a turn (guess, u have that).

P.S. Came up with that after wasting several hours trying to defeat she in the fair battle.

Good luck.
my game saved when battle started. i was able to manage my sword n board up top and my rogue up top to focus her, fight went well. 1 death.
This doesnt complete the quest though. Perhaps you need to find the rest of the scythe?
Easy fight, took her with Fane as Inquisitor and Lohse as a Fire/Geo/Hydro mage. Focus down Aeterna first, keep her stunned - and use fire or earth spells aginst her (She is undead soo 100% poison resistance, she also has 80% Water and Air resistance. but only 20% Fire and Earth). The dogs have 60/60/100 Fire/water/poison.
This fight is ridiculous. She does over 1k dmg per spell (that either also freezes or stuns the target(s)) on top of summoning 2 wolves on her first turn and stealing your source on subsequent turns. And she goes first. Several times one of my characters were dead before anyone got a turn. Not sure what kind of cheese is needed to win this.
talk to her with your tank if possible
position your other characters around her
the wolves have very little magic armor so try to charm them
do all you summons before the fight
focus only her since she is the main source of dmg +the 2 summoned wulves will dissapear
For those that really can't defeat her, you can always teleport her (more than once) far from her gods while your main char is speaking to her. Then teleport him too and fight her away from her dogs. She will still summon 2 dogs but 2 =/= 8 :D. Then again it's a litlle cheaty, but easy way out if you're stuck.
use rupture tendons on the boss, she will kill herself pretty quick with flight, maybe i just got lucky though
Tip: Make sure to place your best fighter at the top while your remaining team members at the bottom.
My fighter crit and knocked her down when she tried to move so I got lucky there :3