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Wtf. They removed the actual spell from the game. It now comes from items with limited uses. Great.
You get it as a spell after you leave the first island and continue the story
I'm on the second act and I have two source points. Where is this spell? My helmet just crapped out on my because the demon left it and there's no way for me to consume source from anything.
you have to get the 3rd source point, then your god teaches you Source Vampirism (I get my second point from the Advocate then kill him to get the 3rd point from Jahan)
Hello, how can I get the source vampirism on reepers cost? Unfortunately, the helmet from Rex was lost and the staff with the charges I did not take.

On the coast in the mien is directly at the waypoint a reeper. He must go.

Thank you for your help
Not sure why, but I'm unable to to refill my purging wand by talking to Gratiana anymore. This may be a bug, but I'll have to check previous saves to see if I did something wrong with my later game to warrant an inability to recharge.
Companions at ARX have no source Vampirism
For those that leave Act 2 without Source Vampirism:

Can learn the Source Vampirism spell in Act 3 in the Academy of the Seven. In the Gallery (library) room there's a tablet called "Tools of the Godwoken: Source Vampirism." Click on it to gain the spell.

Sprit Vision can also be learned here in the same way.
Has this changed in definitive edition? I'm not getting source vampirism after the second ritual
Same. No source vampirism. The second point for me came from the guy hiding out in fish barrels.
After a half hour of searching all it took was a simple change in camera angle to see the two tablets with source vampirism and spirit vision on them in the Library smfh...