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By Anonymous
Dain's health can be increased with the Restoration spell, but he's still drunk and dead to the world
By Anonymous
Eventually dies (kicks the bucket) even after completing Doctor Leste's quest for alcohol.
By Anonymous
- He can be healed right away with restoration spell, then he springs up, tells his story, giving us the "The Sparkler Card".
But by doing so, we lose on the talk options (thus XP gains) from his healer, Doctor Leste nearby.
- He can be given alcohol through interaction with Doctor Leste, gaining XP in the process, but eventually losing him. (I wonder if he still has the cards then)
- He can be attacked for for his "The Sparkler Card" involving killing Doctor Leste too. Preferably after giving her the alcohol. Unless he has it in his loot after death by alcohol naturally. Depends on the need for some fight XP.
By Anonymous
Once you obtain the Sparkler Card from him or his body, you can play it against the three card players and tell them it doesn't matter how you got it, the rules are the rules.

You get 100 gold this way and they leave you alone till you attack them.
By Anonymous
You can talk to Doctor Leste to give her alcohol if you have it on your person for 250 Exp. Upon ending conversation with her, you will receive another 250 Exp as she goes to administer the beer/wine to Dain, rendering him drunk. Once all characters are off the Fort Joy map (I.E. Everyone goes into the cave next to the Doctor and Dain, he will be dead once you come back to the main map. You can then take the Sparkler card from his dead body to use against the card dealers near the entrance to Fort Joy for 100 gold.

Alternatively you can have one character initiate the conversation with Doctor Leste while having a second character heal Dain. Upon Dain being healed, you will receive 250 Exp. You can then initiate a conversation with him and if you ask how he ended up so beat up, he will tell you about his run in with the card dealers and give you the Sparkler card to use against them for 100 gold. The first character can then give alcohol to Doctor Leste for 250 Exp and end the conversation for an additional 250 Exp. She will make Dain drunk, but you can still talk to him. Basically you can get the Sparkler card, 750 Exp, and keep Dain alive this way.

Will post this on the Doctor Leste page as well.
By Anonymous
Simply wait for Doctor Leste to start pacing around and catch her in conversation when a bit away from dain, then heal dain and spam 1. This will net you the exp and the sparkler card without any companion help.
By Anonymous
Local man so drunk after a mug of beer he refuses to stay alive even with 100% hp
By Anonymous
medicine? What a shame! All you need is a strong constitution and gods will take care of the rest!