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*****in impossible, the guy suicides in the fire every *****ing time. This needs to Be fixed because I've done it 7 times and every single time he runs and in the necrofire and dies instantly, preventing me from completing the mission
yes, me to. And after i've killed all the voidlings the guy turned hostile and tried to kill me... ! This mission is buggy and annoying.
There's a better strategy than brute forcing it, see the other comments.
I won this on tactician, this is my first playthrough. It's my second series of attempts on the fight. Here is what I found useful in finally winning:
1) You need a strong hydro mage, regenerating magic armor for your party is huge.
2) You need a super tank that can go to the blobs spawn and fend off 2-3 at a time, alone, stock him up with healing potions. I also had get magic armor from healing spells and potions trait, which helped a lot.
3) Have someone with the swap terrain skill, it's very useful for this fight. You can clear out the necrofire with the grasslands around you preventing sir stupid from killing himself as much.
4) Have magic shell on the hydro and as much healing as you can give them their job is to keep the party alive as much as they can.
5) have at least two characters with teleport. Teleport things far far far away when it's up. This things out things.
6) Teleport magisters into clusters of blobs... they will fight each other and take the pressure off you.

This is the most challenging fight in the game I have experienced, good luck, took me a lot of tries.
I was doing it with solo, lone wolf, melee character, and you can imagines its really fun that way.
The solution i was able to find is: walk on the platform below him with teleportation skill or scroll ready (having both may be good idea as well), and teleport him as far as possible towards the hills (north side), ((this should not trigger white magister or combat)) and as soon as he on the ground run to him and talk.
This should trigger the "you saved him" event (if not, try to port him two times)
After that he will run away, and you can clean up the camp.
Where exactly he needs to be ported? I got "You saved me" talk, but after that he just starts a battle and eventually dies.
Ok, I figured out a way to do this easily without a***** load of hydromancy spells. This most likely requires 2 teleports to pull off though.

To the north, you can see a ledge with a vine ladder. The blobs cannot travel up there, even the small ones.

Using 2 teleports, you can wedge Gwydian into a corner on the left side of the cliffs edge by blocking him with one of your characters. The blobs still have ranged attacks, so you need to wedge him back further when your teleport(s) come off cooldown. (Also, make sure the blobs can't see any of your party members, they have some kind of chain fire spell that arcs to nearby members.)

Facing north, there's a tree on the left side of the cave. You can easily teleport and wedge him in there, I suggest doing this with a ranged character.

Once this is complete, simply teleport and cc 1 blob at a time until they're all dead.

Hope this helps, it certainly helped on my co op playthrough.
It's good to note that you need to cast the first teleport from the very top of the oil rig structure, where Gwydian is hanging from.
Well guess im *****ed then i did this fight a while back in my game then decided to go do some other stuff. I was confused because at the start of the fight Gwydian ran off without me talking to him. I killed the magisters no blobs spawned and now i cant talk to Gwydian because hes bugged or something preventing me from finishing this quest. Great....
Same here
+1 happened for me as well
me too :(
Hannag removes the trai Pet Pal for whatever stupid reason, basically -1 talent permanently. dumb as hell
My team can survive the fight but we always get end up getting backed into a corner. Gwydion literally rambo's thru necrofire and takes on 3 blobs at once by himself and dies every time i load. Seems impossible to keep him alive without the teleport cheese people are talking about but i dont want to do that.
Came across this chump and ended up killing everything except a stupid freaking war owl that i couldn't damage no matter what i did. Did not even take fall damage from teleport... So spent almost an hour healing that moron as he rampaged through necrofire trying to get to that stupid bloody bird i was trying to kill for him before giving up in disgust...
Just made it out, with bruteforce while one of the characters was mix of Earth and Fire mage (basically, the whole fight she casted the scrolls and haste). The main challenge was to get away from the tower covered in cursed flame. This is the best game ever!
if you approach from the back it seems like the fight bugs out and no void enemies spawn, just you and 3 magisters and the guy to save.

probably miss out on a ton of exp